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Check German spelling online with spellcheck?

German can be terrifying with its complicated grammar and a large number of consonant letters.

The uniqueness is evident in:

nouns starting with the capital letter
ß being a unique letter, which you don’t see in any other alphabet
complicated long words, often consisting of several smaller words impossible to write correctly without a spell checker. In fact, the longest German word has 36 letters
Each noun that has its gender is defined by the article. The article has four grammatical cases.

However, it takes the leading place among the European Union languages and there is nothing to do about it, except making sure that your essay or email in German can be understood by another 130 million native speakers. Using German spell check can simplify this task and polish up the writing.

How to check German spelling?

To ensure that you have the correct word order in a sentence and that you used the neuter gender for the word ‘girl’, use the online German spell check tool. Paste the text in the spell check box to find out what corrections should be applied. After running a spell check of the text in German, a new version with the mistakes highlighted in red will appear in a separate window. With minimum efforts and no penny spent, you can have an ideally composed text free of mistakes.

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