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Dutch spelling online with spellcheck?

Spellcheck features are used today in many text editors and available online. No doubt they deal ideally with the most spoken languages like English, Spanish,or French. Dutch speakers may struggle in finding the right Dutch spell check. Mostly it is connected with specifics of the language:

Many German, French and English words were incorporated into Dutch
It has many compound words as it has West Germanic roots

This online service was specifically created to perform proper spell check in view of the Dutch spell check language specifics. It may be handy for both native speakers, who need to proofread the writing, and for learners, as this tool may identify some gaps in knowledge and show the area for improvement.

How to check Dutch spelling?

No need to look up the correct spelling in the dictionary every time you do homework. Just use a magic text form on this page to detect all the misspelled words and pay attention to the spelling rules. Once the system identifies an error, it will be highlighted in red. Click on the highlighted word to choose the best option for correction and apply it.

Bookmark the website to run the Dutch spell checker any time.

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