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Correct spelling for A4

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Possible correct spellings for a4

  • aa Diplomatic representation from the US: chief of mission : Ambassador Anne PATTERSON embassy: Final Boulevard Santa Elena, Station Antiguo Cuscatlan, San Salvador mailing address: Unit 3116, APO AA 34023 telephone: [503] 278-4444 FAX : [503] 278-6011
  • ab There were my ballads, my Ab Gwilym, but then I thought of Taggart and his snuff, his pinch of snuff.
  • ac But there are two, that is Euthymius and Oecumenius, that tell us, that the hanging did not kill him, but that either the Rope broke, or that he was cut down, and afterwards cast himself down headlong, as it is related in the before mentioned place of the Acts: Agnitus a quibusdam depositus est ne praefocaretur, denique postquam in secreto quodam loco modico vixisset tempore praeceps factus sive praecipitatus, inflatus diruptus, ac diffisus est medius, et effusa sunt omnia viscera ejus; ut in Actis.
  • ag Frequently contains Ag.
  • ai Cleigh dared not hang it in his gallery at home in New York for the particular reason that the British Government, urged by the Viceroy of India, had been hunting high and low for the rug since 1911, when it had been the rightful property of a certain influential maharaja whose Ai, ai! had reverberated from Hind to Albion over the loss.
  • ak Andreaea grimsulana - New Zealand Andreaea hamulata - Brazil Andreaea hartmanii - Alaska, Siberia, Scandinavia Andreaea heinemannii - United States (AK OR CA CO), Canada (BC YT), Europe, Asia, Canary, Kerguelen, Madeira Andreaea huttonii - New Zealand Andreaea indica - India Andreaea javanica - Java Andreaea karsteniana - high Andes Andreaea kilimandscharica - Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda Andreaea kinabaluensis - Sabah Andreaea laticuspis - Bolivia Andreaea latinervis - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea laxifolia - Hermite Is, Falkland Is, Campbell I, Auckland Is Andreaea leiophylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea lorentziana - Antarctica, Patagonia Andreaea marginata - Hermite Is, Kerguelen Andreaea megistospora - AK BC WA UK Ireland Norway Andreaea microphylla - Minas Gerais Andreaea microvaginata - Australia Andreaea mildbraedii - central Africa Andreaea mitchellii - New Zealand Andreaea morrisonensis - China Andreaea mutabilis - Falkland IS, Campbell I, Auckland Is, Argentina, BC Andreaea nana - Bismarck Is Andreaea naumannii - Bismarck Is Andreaea nitida - Auckland Is Andreaea nivalis - Greenland, Canada (NL YT BC), United States (AK WA OR CA), Europe, Russia, Japan Andreaea novae-zealandiae - New Zealand Andreaea novoguinensis - Papua New Guinea Andreaea obovata - Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Central Africa Andreaea obtusissima - New Zealand Andreaea opaca - Europe Andreaea pachyphylla - Tierra del Fuego Andreaea parallela - Bismarck Is Andreaea patagonica - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea peruviana - Peru Andreaea pilifera - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea planinervia - Europe Andreaea pseudomutabilis - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea purpurascens - Europe Andreaea regularis - Antarctica, South Georgia, Bolivia Andreaea remotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea rigida - India Andreaea robusta - Bolivia Andreaea rothii - Europe, North America Andreaea rupestris - Europe, Greenland, Alaska, Canada (Nun Que) Andreaea schofieldiana - CA BC Andreaea semisquarrosa - Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego Andreaea seriata - Europe Andreaea sinuosa - Europe BC Alaska Andreaea sparsifolia - Scandinavia Andreaea spurioalpina - Rio de Janeiro Andreaea squamata - Bismarck Is Andreaea squarrifolia - Tristan da Cunha Andreaea squarrosa - Bolivia Andreaea squarrosofiliformis - Minas Gerais Andreaea striata - Bolivia, Brazil Andreaea subappendiculata - Bismarck Is Andreaea subremotifolia - Antarctica Andreaea subulata - Hermite Is, Falkland Is Andreaea taiwanensis - Taiwan Andreaea tsaratananae - Madagascar, Réunion Andreaea tunariensis - Bolivia Andreaea turgescens - Costa Rica Andreaea urophylla - Ecuador Andreaea vaginalis - Antarctica Andreaea vilocensis - Bolivia Andreaea viridis - Antarctica Andreaea vulcanica Andreaea wangiana - Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet Andreaea willii - South Georgia Andreaea wilsonii - Campbell I, Auckland Is
  • al I ain't blaming you-but you told too much to Al Woodruff.
  • an He had an idea that he might be laughed at.
  • ar Ar, men don't understand; they're fur too rough; Their ways is fur too coarse wiv lovin' tarts; They never gives 'em symperthy enough.
  • as "However, as you wish.
  • at What you laughin' at?"
  • au The face of Champ-au-Haut's factotum worked strangely before he made answer.
  • av At the end av that time I begin to shoot.
  • ax This accomplished, he ordered fires built; but there was not a soldier of them all whose hands could clasp an ax-handle, so weak and numbed with cold were they.
  • az The safest way for most folks to do iz to do az the rest do. Thare aint but phew who kan navigate without a kompass.
  • ba The governor now told Ba-na-lang that he would return in two days, and bring him the cloaths he used to wear when in his house, and would also bring him a couple of hatchets for himself and Co-al-by; with which promise they seemed well pleased, and often repeated that it might not be forgot.
  • ca Moore Moore Sewing Machine ca.
  • da Une U Manik Raitong u dap da ki jingsngowsih synia sngi, u iam ud jilliw ha la ka mynsim namar la ka jinglong khun swet long pukir.
  • ea In the negative I replied, reflecting upon the strange story of the escape of this man beyond the confines of Ea, and wondering what adventures befel him.
  • ga In going from Columbus, Ga.
  • ha Ha, ha, ha, a Whim indeed!
  • ia Ia. Why, sir Gyles, hees too dogged, and bitter for you in truth; we shall bring you a foole to make you laugh, and he shall make all the World laugh at us.
  • la Precisely; the mother of Mademoiselle de la Peyrade.
  • Ah Ah, woe the day!
  • S What is the " S" for?
  • AF In the 4th season, AF had 20 contestants go into the Academy house.
  • AP In the year 1293 Robertus de Vale granted a charter for a weekly market at his manor-house of Vale, and here Sir Rhys ap Thomas entertained his future King after his landing at Mill Bay upon the adjacent coast.
  • AW Aw, what's ther use, ther kid is a mile off by this time, worse luck.
  • AM I was so wretched then-and now I am so happy- Leonarda.
  • unamazing

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