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How to spell ABITY correctly?

If you meant "ability" but mistakenly typed "abity", there are several correct suggestions to consider. Double-check your spelling, use reliable spell-check tools or refer to online dictionaries. These resources will provide the accurate spelling of "ability" and help avoid further misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell abity correctly

  • abate
  • abbey She decided to take a day trip to the historic abbey located in the countryside.
  • Abby Abby has a beautiful singing voice.
  • abet
  • abets He knowingly abets his friend's criminal behavior.
  • abide As a law-abiding citizen, I must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by my government.
  • ability Can you teach me how to cook? I have no ability to do so.
  • ably The team was able to complete the project ably despite the tight deadline.
  • abut The two houses abut each other.
  • abuts This is a peninsula, so it is not really an island, but it does abuts a larger land mass.
  • acuity I have high acuity when it comes to looking for potential problems.
  • ambit The company's ambit is to expand its reach in international markets.
  • amity The two countries signed a treaty of amity and cooperation.
  • arty The gallery was full of beautiful arty pieces.
  • ATTY I emailed my atty to schedule a meeting regarding my legal case.
  • bit The bit of information was not helpful.
  • bite I took a big bite of the apple and felt the juice drip down my chin.
  • bitty I love these little bitty cupcakes!
  • habit It's hard to quit a bad habit once it's formed.
  • obit The newspaper published an obit following the death of the well-known community leader.
  • obits The obits section in today's paper was heartbreaking.

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