Correct spelling for ACCELERANTS

We think the word accelerants is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelerants

  • accelerate Her shrunken form and flushed cheeks revealed the fatal progress of a disease which betrays its victims all the more surely, by imparting to them, at certain stages of its course, a false strength, that lures them to exertions only serving to accelerate its fearful termination.
  • accelerated The heavy but rainless clouds continued to gather over them, and the canoe sped on at accelerated speed in an opaque atmosphere.
  • accelerator Probably the most sensitive and accurate mass spectrometer for this purpose is the accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS).
  • accelerates However, it has been disputed whether the environmental stress of father absence stimulates weight gain, and thus accelerates early puberty.
  • accelerators High-energy ion beams produced by particle accelerators are used in atomic physics, nuclear physics and particle physics.

567 words made from the letters accelerants

5 letter words made from accelerants:

areal, clast, racan, acter, etens, leres, artel, caner, nates, lenes, erent, aerts, sacer, aneal, clean, canta, antle, leats, nesle, artec, ansar, ascra, clent, eales, elara, carts, arent, clear, eater, aceae, altra, cecal, cance, ratas, reaal, asena, recta, anlas, aalst, estan, laers, lecce, alces, aster, ncaas, aalen, clere, crean, clats, crena, cants, rense, renes, crest, carns, csere, cerat, ernes, lente, narcs, lense, ences, arale, atler, saare, laten, canet, crans, reest, accra, erlen, eanes, actes, crate, aneel, acene, elsen, areca, creta, learn, letea, larne, rence, ansec, ctncl, entre, lacen, calta, arete, ratee, ester, ratae, alete, celts, accnt, clase, aclac, laner, astre, arcee, aenea, larns, rents, ertan, lansa, calne, nacre, arcae, later, eaten, salat, actel, astle, estle, leear, reset, canst, nelas, rates, elect, reate, netes, eletr, cesca, lenat, leest, eclat, crane, ances, least, alsea, resen, laces, lacer, earnt, recce, leers, lecca, catla, erlan, asean, ecast, etnas, crace, anele, altar, cares, netra, ernst, lasta, earns, laeta, antas, leste, natal, alers, lener, arnes, ratna, carte, lecan, cerne, alsen, esler, erste, calan, rants, enset, aasen, latae, alter, aelst, cerna, nease, necas, reata, ceren, asare, asten, acscn, lanas, celan, lerna, aeras, clane, nacer, lanre, rnase, easer, ertel, caste, esten, cente, naret, ernle, acela, esata, ancre, leets, clans, laser, lance, creen, cleat, ranat, nalas, ralte, arsal, ceral, sacra, carat, atsea, lacet, leans, aseel, enter, rasen, lease, reale, elate, esnal, leser, certa, atlas, ratan, creal, caret, ranee, neral, raste, alere, lenas, reste, alert, craal, cater, racas, reals, easle, lants, raese, acral, renta, alate, letra, alcea, anale, clert, easel, rente, lrene, aseal, altas, areel, atlan, elsan, neste, ercan, cense, ceras, retal, arens, acres, lasne, enact, rasta, retes, atene, arena, erect, artal, anter, leare, reces, canal, cerae, ratal, reans, react, claar, reens, ercel, saale, celer, netas, craca, ceres, narla, enets, crete, nasal, ertle, arnal, nears, arsan, creel, ratel, laran, elans, rasna, nestl, ranas, crece, reast, ctene, cenac, anser, asner, ranta, naree, nerts, enate, anese, cante, lenca, alans, neals, esala, letna, lacan, ntare, larsa, renal, elers, acree, cease, cesta, caere, neset, erase, esera, anees, arcel.

3 letter words made from accelerants:

ecc, arc, can, ras, ale, car, ern, aar, asl, ala, alt, cns, sen, ret, ant, est, act, eec, tlc, rat, sea, eta, sac, ene, eat, sle, ter, ara, tan, lea, rna, enl, ese, lan, ect, ace, ane, aas, cat, see, aec, ler, lat, esr, era, ert, set, ten, etc, cer, net, tar, cst, tec, ana, lee, res, lac, tea, als, let, nrc, crt, art, are, ear, ans, nee, nec, tee, ent, nsc, sec, sat, eel, ate.

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