Correct spelling for ACCELIRATE

We think the word accelirate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accelirate

  • accelerate He observed that if the seigniors feared such evil results, it would be better to prevent, rather than to accelerate the danger which would follow the proposed notification to the governors and municipal authorities throughout the country, on the subject of the inquisition.
  • accelerated Doubting it an illusion, Sir Austin accelerated his pace.
  • accelerator "It was a timely touch on the accelerator, and Harry began to speed up a little.
  • accelerates The connection between the size of the lungs, and the aptitude of animals to fatten, will be more apparent from the fact, that the carbon and hydrogen which are abstracted, constitute two of the only three elements of fat. The larger size, the fuller play, and the greater activity of the lungs, by exhausting more of the materials of fat, must necessarily diminish its formation in the animal system; unless it can be shown, which has never yet been done, that the removal of a portion of the fat-forming principles accelerates the assimilation of the remainder.

363 words made from the letters accelirate

3 letter words made from accelirate:

eat, alt, ira, ace, eel, ire, ler, cia, tri, ect, lea, eec, arc, ter, ale, ate, ice, aec, era, lac, are, lei, act, eta, ail, tee, cli, car, ali, rat, let, crt, ala, cer, aar, tia, tec, ret, ecc, tlc, etc, iaa, lee, air, tar, rit, art, lie, icc, tic, lir, cat, lat, tea, ara, ert, ear, tie, tai, lit.

4 letter words made from accelirate:

5 letter words made from accelirate:

calci, leite, lirae, aecia, trail, caril, alcea, ceric, cater, lecce, irate, aerie, talai, acier, altra, itera, calta, recce, crile, elect, eleia, altar, trela, liart, crete, artel, eclat, aceae, craca, taler, acral, leare, creal, alaei, elate, latae, celic, ratee, elite, laira, circe, actel, celer, alete, ictal, ratae, clert, terai, tiree, clier, creta, etica, cerae, trece, raita, tiler, recti, laeta, arete, reila, alate, lecca, later, crace, erica, elara, actia, liera, ratel, laeti, atire, talei, tiele, arcae, caret, ticer, alere, ceral, reale, creel, cecal, iater, trial, liara, elric, eletr, talic, teera, caire, arcel, talca, calia, artec, artal, alite, tarle, raila, acree, altia, arale, erice, craal, cirta, circl, laari, recai, trice, telae, ralte, leira, licra, acela, reile, arati, recit, carte, raeti, lacer, clear, crece, crate, reial, carat, alire, retie, eiler, etail, retia, acter, atler, ratal, letra, ercel, alter, relic, liter, craic, arlit, reali, taira, react, alier, arcti, alert, citra, citee, certa, ertle, clere, cerat, arcee, areel, aarti, ertel, reata, areal, recta, tilea, catli, lacet, teria, altai, litre, aclac, atric, riata, aeria, arial, raite, trace, areca, leear, caere, relie, accra, areia, tarea, cilea, claar, telia, creil, altri, terce, erect, licet, eitel, alaie, cicer, reate, ticca, crati, tiara, caria, lacri, teare, cleat, atrai, reaal, ereli, eteri, tical, letea, catla, tacca, retal, eater.

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