Correct spelling for ACCERALATED

We think the word acceralated is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for acceralated

  • accelerate Since there would be no resistance in outer space, it would be simply a matter of using rocket power in the first stages to accelerate to the maximum speed desired.
  • accelerated The horse, relieved of its double burden, shot forward, its pace accelerated by a stone, lightly hurled by its late owner, which struck it on the hindquarters.
  • accented There are some exceptions to the general rule that in substituting one foot for another the accented syllable must be kept in the same part of the foot.
  • accentuate The influence of long lines is thus to "pick out" from among the lines of a face those with which they are in sympathy, and thus to accentuate them.
  • accepted This man wanted to marry me long ago, and I think, perhaps, I would have accepted him once-if he'd-had any money.
  • accredited And so large was his charity that if his master fell short of duty upon that point, he accredited him with the good intention, and enabled him to discharge it.
  • accumulated Melissa bowed acknowledgment to him, and the old man went on: "He may perhaps forget you; for many things had accumulated during his illness.
  • aggravated What aggravated me most was, that the rascals were not so far out in their calculation.
  • correlated Calhoun drilled him in the use of brightness-charts, by which the changes in apparent brightness of stars between overdrive hops could be correlated with angular changes to give a three-dimensional picture of the nearer heavens.
  • exalted Jesus yielded Himself to the control of the Holy Spirit for His earthly mission, even as later the Holy Spirit yielded Himself wholly to the control of the exalted Jesus for His earthly mission.
  • ulcerated These flat spots, or wafers, very similar to those we observe in the typhoid fever of man, are inflamed and ulcerated in different degrees.
  • Accentuated His enthusiasm was rather a hatred of the things that were, than an ardent zeal for the things that ought to be; and the bitter elements in his character become more and more accentuated as he finds himself gradually thrust aside and forgotten-cast off by the Church, ignored by the revolution.
  • accelerates The progress of language, which was at first favourable, becomes fatal to it, and, instead of compensating for the decay of the imagination, accelerates that decay, and renders it more obvious.
  • escalated Being essentially a continuation of the old Royal armed forces under a new name, the FANK played a more partisan role in the Cambodian Civil War that escalated following the deposition as Head of State of Prince Norodom Sihanouk by a coup d’état in March 1970 orchestrated by his own Prime-Minister General Lon Nol.

315 words made from the letters acceralated

5 letter words made from acceralated:

creal, certa, erect, alert, ardee, acter, creel, clade, eldar, adale, taara, cadle, talca, redec, arale, ratel, daele, recta, celer, ladra, aatae, elara, acela, elder, caere, clert, arada, acree, cadra, crece, reata, teaed, cater, dalat, cedre, daara, clere, leear, teare, tarea, caret, cadre, daraa, arcae, letea, aceae, crede, react, reaal, ledra, acara, actel, decal, reald, adret, carte, crete, cadet, areel, eater, drace, alter, radle, arcel, edcel, dacca, alere, alate, ratae, daala, atler, alred, ralte, clear, alcea, areal, detar, eclat, cerat, retal, trela, areca, edale, laced, dacer, caala, trace, creta, dalea, teera, crate, crace, darat, altra, eared, cedar, aacta, laeta, raadt, adree, craca, cerae, accra, artel, cleat, calta, delta, alete, carat, draal, tadla, taler, aldar, leare, eletr, dacre, araca, arede, lecca, darle, datal, lecce, claar, caled, ratal, tacca, later, reate, artal, letra, trece, arcee, aeaea, reada, elect, creed, arced, arled, leard, aclac, ratee, craal, ardea, tarda, telae, artec, daler, lacet, reale, recce, lader, laedc, elate, erdal, caaed, tread, eader, altar, trade, deraa, arete, terce, ercel, treed, dalet, alder, lacer, catla, leder, latae, ertel, deter, ceral, cecal, acral, edler, tarle, ceder, ertle, detre.

3 letter words made from acceralated:

crt, ale, eta, lcd, ect, ara, eat, car, lac, ala, lat, eec, led, rad, let, ler, tar, lea, ada, ter, dat, ace, tee, ear, ade, etc, act, eel, dal, dle, ert, cat, cad, tad, rat, dre, dec, are, art, arc, aar, lad, ate, alt, ret, eld, tlc, tec, lee, ltd, aec, ecc, ted, cer, era, red, tea.

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