Correct spelling for ACCUSTION

We think the word accustion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for accustion

  • Causation(Definition of causation)
  • Such converse as the brain normally holds with the external world, is held through the appointed channels of the senses, whereby appropriate causation is supplied to keep the otherwise isolated system at work.

  • Acquisition(Definition of acquisition)
  • Thus the door has been finally closed on the schemes which the boers have so often sought to carry out for the acquisition of a railway communication with the coast entirely under their own control.

  • Accession(Definition of accession)
  • "i am thomas tringle, junior," said tom, with a little accession of dignity.

  • Action(Definition of action)
  • Moreover, now, by the action of mr. chamberlain, a new dividing line had been brought into british politics.

  • Accusing(Definition of accusing)
  • Gabriel had moved a little as he went on speaking-moved nearer to his nephew, still pointing the incriminating and accusing finger at him.

  • Auction(Definition of auction)
  • They are advertised with cattle; chained in droves, and driven to market with a whip; and sold at auction, with the beasts of the field.

  • Accretion(Definition of accretion)
  • The heritage or accretion of religious sentiment not only perverted the correct use of the name, but led to regulations and proscriptions which were out of place even for the real disease.

  • Accusations
  • We will not weep for martin alonso; we will make our farewells in silence, and leave his deathbed undisturbed by any more accusations or reproaches.

  • Accusation(Definition of accusation)
  • The accusation of careless and slovenly style is not much better: for scott had, perfectly, the style suited to his own work, and you cannot easily have a better style than that.

  • Actuation(Definition of actuation)
  • Some ford ti-vct engines use borgwarners cam torque actuation (cta) which utilizes the "existing torsional energy in the valve train to rotate the camshaft" instead of traditional oil pressure driven cam phasing.

408 words made from the letters accustion

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3 letter words made from accustion:

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