What is the correct spelling for ACELARATEED?

This word (Acelarateed) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for ACELARATEED

We think the word acelarateed is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for acelarateed

  • accelerate Knowing that you are sincerely desirous of peace, I do not hesitate to communicate this fact to you, in hope that you may accelerate the negotiations for the conclusion of an armistice which may lead to an honourable peace.
  • accelerated It has been ascertained experimentally, that in a glacier, as in a river, the rate of motion is accelerated or lessened, according to the greater or less slope of the ground; also, that the lower strata of ice, like those of water, move more slowly than those above them.
  • aerated And there was Geroud thinking it had something to do with tea shops and aerated bread.
  • celebrated In fact, I was celebrated, as a child, for catching double.
  • lacerated
  • separated
  • ulcerated
  • Ameliorated May the destiny of the latter be ameliorated by the change!
  • Aspirated Virtually all Dardic languages have experienced a partial or complete loss of voiced aspirated consonants.
  • Asseverated The woman tremblingly asseverated that she and her children had eaten them.
  • Macerated
  • accelerates The latest form of triple-valve includes a device which, when air is rapidly discharged from the train pipe, as in an emergency application of the brake, opens a port through which compressed air is also admitted from the train pipe directly into D. It will easily be understood that a double advantage is hereby gained-first, in utilizing a considerable portion of the air in the train pipe to increase the available brake force in cases of emergency; and, secondly, in producing a quick reduction of pressure in the whole length of the pipe, which accelerates the action of the brakes with extraordinary rapidity.
  • acerbated The discussion continued for some time, but he seemed to grow only more fixed in his intention, and certainly he became more acerbated in temper.
  • decelerated

312 words made from the letters acelarateed

5 letter words made from acelarateed:

adree, reata, lader, cadet, alter, retal, decal, erede, raadt, clear, acree, leear, leete, eldar, alere, reada, deele, ardea, ledra, ceral, draal, aacta, elect, laeta, alcea, arcel, dacer, caret, erdal, latae, daara, clere, creta, areca, adale, tarle, caere, dalea, aeaea, ertle, reate, later, daler, reald, caled, darle, reede, alert, etree, arale, eater, ercel, arede, eared, crete, dalat, teera, arada, deraa, trace, creal, acter, clert, caala, cedar, alder, certa, craal, catla, arete, artec, leare, trela, artal, caaed, claar, acela, elder, react, aceae, alred, edler, leder, telae, arced, delta, radle, ladra, araca, letra, ratel, taler, detre, reaal, areel, elate, drace, crede, arled, leard, adret, letea, ratae, ertel, terce, arcae, edcel, lacet, trece, aldar, daele, alate, teaed, ralte, altra, lacer, ratee, datal, cadle, aatae, carat, daala, cater, calta, daraa, creed, tarea, ledee, erect, eletr, reale, tadla, ratal, cadre, actel, taara, celer, deere, teare, cleat, creel, tarda, treed, recta, detar, acral, alete, eclat, delee, cerae, teele, eader, cerat, laced, laedc, talca, clade, trade, arcee, artel, cedre, redec, tread, cadra, dalet, acara, areal, deter, elara, ceder, ardee, altar, crate, edale, darat, dacre, carte, atler.

3 letter words made from acelarateed:

dat, tar, aec, lac, cat, ert, lcd, ret, dal, rat, are, act, ale, eel, ace, ala, ler, cad, arc, art, dec, let, crt, ect, alt, etc, eat, lat, era, car, ter, red, led, tea, ada, ltd, rad, lea, lad, tad, dle, tlc, dre, ted, lee, ear, tee, eld, ade, cer, ate, ara, eta, tec, aar, eec.

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