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How to spell ACROS correctly?

If you meant to type "across" but misspelled it as "acros", here are some suggestions for the correct spelling: 1) revise the spelling to "across", 2) proofread your work to catch any errors, 3) use spell-check tools to ensure accuracy, 4) double-check the correct spelling in a dictionary or online resource.

List of suggestions on how to spell acros correctly

  • acorns I picked up a handful of acorns and tossed them into the bin.
  • acre
  • acres The farm consisted of 100 acres of land, used primarily for growing corn and soybeans.
  • across
  • actors Villager #1: We're going to have to get the actors to help stage the play.
  • acts
  • Afros Many people wore afros during the 1970s.
  • ARCS The arcs of the rainbow are more visible after a rainstorm.
  • ares
  • argos I have some Argos vouchers I can give you.
  • Arose A sudden commotion arose in the crowd.
  • arras The tapestries in the castle were made of intricate arras designs.
  • arrows She aimed the bow and let the arrows fly towards the target.
  • Auras Some people believe that auras can give insight into a person's emotions and well-being.
  • cross
  • Crows The crows are always scavenging for food.
  • eros Eros is the Greek god of romantic love and desire.
  • Euros I used to dream of traveling to Europe, but now my bank account is full of Euros.
  • gyros I am allergic to gyros.
  • macros The teacher tried to teach the class about macros but the students were not interested.
  • MICROS We use Micros Point of Sale system to manage our restaurant transactions.

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