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How to spell ACRUE correctly?

If you've mistakenly used the misspelling "acrue", worry not! The correct spelling is "accrue". Accrue means to accumulate or increase over time, especially in relation to finances or benefits. So next time, remember to use "accrue" when referring to the gradual growth of something valuable.

List of suggestions on how to spell acrue correctly

  • accrue
  • accrued Interest had accrued on the loan over time, resulting in a higher repayment amount.
  • accrues
  • accuse I don't want to accuse anyone of stealing, but the missing items were last seen in your possession.
  • ACLU The ACLU fights to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.
  • acme
  • acne I had severe acne during my teenage years.
  • acre The house was built on a one-acre lot.
  • acres The farm had over 100 acres of land for growing crops.
  • acrid As I walked past the burning trash, I was hit with the acrid smell of smoke and chemicals.
  • acute The pain was so acute that she couldn't even move.
  • aerie The eagle soared high above its aerie, surveying the vast expanse of the forest below.
  • agree
  • ague The sudden onset of shivers and fever indicated that the patient was suffering from ague.
  • are
  • argue I don't want to argue with you, I just want to have a civil conversation.
  • cree The sound of the cree flowing through the forest was calming.
  • ecru She wore an ecru blouse and beige trousers to the interview.
  • nacre The jewelry was adorned with shimmering nacre pearls.

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