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How to spell AGURING correctly?

If you've made a common misspelling and typed "aguring", here are some possible correct suggestions for the word you intended. It could be "arguing", meaning having a heated debate or disagreement. Alternatively, "auguring" could be the word you meant, which refers to predicting or foreshadowing something. Always double-check your spelling to avoid errors like these.

List of suggestions on how to spell aguring correctly

  • Abjuring
  • Adjuring The judge was adjuring the jurors to consider all the evidence before reaching a verdict.
  • adoring She gave her adoring husband a passionate kiss as soon as he returned home from work.
  • aging The aging process can be slowed down by a healthy lifestyle.
  • airing The airing of grievances during Festivus is a unique tradition.
  • alluring The alluring scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies pulled me into the bakery.
  • Angering
  • arguing
  • assuring The teacher was assuring the parents that their children's safety was her top priority.
  • Auguring The sudden change in weather is auguring a storm.
  • curing The process of curing the meat was essential to prevent spoilage.
  • figuring She kept staring at the bills, figuring out which ones to pay first.
  • goring The photos of the tourists goring the wild animals were disturbing.
  • Inuring The fire Inuring the building's wooden frame
  • Wagering He lost all of his money because of his excessive wagering on sports games.

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