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How to spell ALOWS correctly?

If you frequently misspell "alows", fret not, as here are some correct suggestions to help you out. The correct spelling is "allows". Remember to double-check before finalizing any written content, and use grammar tools or online dictionaries if needed. Keep practicing to improve your spelling skills!

List of suggestions on how to spell alows correctly

  • alas
  • ALES I am going to try all of the different ales on the menu at the brewery.
  • alias He uses the alias "John Doe" to protect his privacy online.
  • allow
  • allows The new software allows for easy data input and analysis.
  • Alloys
  • aloes
  • Altos The choir is in need of more altos to balance out the soprano voices.
  • avows She avows that she will never give up on her dreams.
  • blows The wind blows fiercely during a hurricane.
  • flows The river flows gently through the lush green valley.
  • glows The full moon glows in the dark sky.
  • laws The laws are in place to ensure public safety and order.
  • LOWS The lows were lower than expected.
  • Slows

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