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How to spell ALUDE correctly?

If you accidentally typed "alude", fear not! The correct word you intended to use is "elude". The letter "e" at the beginning changes the entire meaning. "Elude" means to escape or avoid something, while "alude" doesn't exist. Double-check spellings to ensure precise communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell alude correctly

  • aide The president's aide brought him the latest intelligence report.
  • Alden Alden kindly offered to help me move my furniture.
  • alder The trees lining the river bank were mostly alder and maple.
  • Aldo Aldo is my cousin's name, he lives in Italy.
  • ale I would love to sip a cold glass of ale on a hot summer day.
  • allude
  • Alluded During his speech, the politician alluded to several historical events that emphasized his point.
  • alludes In his speech, he alludes to the challenges that lay ahead for the company.
  • aloe
  • aloud She read the poem aloud so everyone could hear.
  • Aludra Aludra is a star in the constellation Canis Major.
  • Audi I am planning to purchase an Audi for my upcoming road trip.
  • Claude He is madly in love with his college sweetheart, Claude.
  • elide
  • elude Despite her efforts, the answer to the riddle continued to elude her.
  • Eluded The eluded thief was finally apprehended by the police.
  • eludes The thief eludes authorities by fleeing the scene.
  • lade I lade the snow man with a sack of coal for a face.
  • lode The gold mine was rich in lode, making the miners' work more profitable.
  • ludo Ludo was one of Jane's many favorite games.
  • lute

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