Correct spelling for ALVY

We think the word alvy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for alvy

  • al And Al-Nu'uman cried, "By Allah, I will be the third of you, lest it be said, Mercy hath departed from the kings."
  • ala Amiles does not hesitate, and the following passage tells his deed:- Li cuens Amiles un petit s'atarja, vers les anfans pas por pas en ala, dormans les treuve, moult par les resgarda, s'espee lieve, ocirre les voldra; mais de ferir un petit se tarja.
  • alar The remaining septa are so disposed that in the quadrants abutting on the chief septum they converge towards that septum, whilst in the other quadrants they converge towards the alar septa.
  • alas Then they are on to the land o' France, Where auld King Edward lay, Burning baith castle, tower, and town, That he met in his way, Untill he came unto that town, Which some call Billop-Grace; There were Auld Maitland's sons, a' three, Learning at school, alas!
  • alb We see priests, who may be recognised by the tonsure and vestments, amongst which we find the alb, amice, stole, maniple, and chasuble.
  • ale They had not well settled themeselves to sleep, but they heard in the town a great alarm; for Sir Robert and his company came streight to the ale-house, broke open the doors, and made enquiry for my servants.
  • alga West has found, associated more or less fortuitously with P. burmanica, another alga, namely Microcystis orissica, also a new species.
  • ali 315, 334 Hyder Ali, viii.
  • alive One of the most remarkable paragraphs in Mr. Tucker's book is that in which he proves "the greater permanence and steadiness of our American speech as compared with that of the mother country" by going through Halliwell's Dictionary of Archaisms and Provincialisms, and picking out 76 words which Halliwell regards as obsolete, but which in America are all alive and kicking.
  • all Mr. Dainopoulos was all right of course, but Mr. Spokesly still retained the illusion that Anglo-Saxon superiority was accepted by the world like gravity and the other laws of nature.
  • allay In a declaration put forth in the autumn of 1660, after he had been for some months on English soil, he had even gone so far as to say: "When we were in Holland we were attended by many grave and learned ministers from hence, who were looked upon as the most able and principal asserters of the Presbyterian opinions; with whom we had as much conference as the multitude of affairs which were then upon us would permit us to have, and to our great satisfaction and comfort found them persons full of affection to us, of zeal for the peace of the Church and State, and neither enemies, as they have been given out to be, to episcopacy or liturgy, but modestly to desire such alterations in either, as without shaking foundations might best allay the present distempers."
  • alley There was an alley just outside the hotel, a cul de sac, black and empty.
  • alloy For our son's happiness has no alloy, Although about to leave the joys of Earth, And all those pleasant things which used to yield him mirth."
  • ally The thunder she was sometimes fearful of had lessened, and that Ally thought had doubtless improved her courage.
  • aloe It is a yucca of a species peculiar to the high table plains of Northern and Central Mexico, with long sword-shaped leaves springing aloe-like from a core in the centre, and radiating in all directions, so as to form a spherical chevaux-de-frize.
  • alp Now I reappear armed with powers to give her a free course, and she, that abject whom you beheld recently renouncing me, is, you will see, the young Aurora she was when she came striking at my door on the upper Alp.
  • also Couldn't you teach me that, also?
  • alt Prominent Baltic officers from the Landeswehr era include: Generalmajor Erich Alt (Luftwaffe) (leader of the 1.
  • alto As the light began to show in the eastern sky, came the first bird-notes of the day. The caw of a crow, a snatch of song-sparrow melody, the chirp of a robin, the fluted alto note of a blue-bird, and the squeal of a red-tailed hawk sounded before the sun came up.
  • alum The chemical agents by which precipitation is accomplished are many and various; among them are lime, alum, iron perchloride, phosphates, etc.
  • av Now git out av the way o' the dust, all of yez, or I'll put a tin ear on ye!
  • calve
  • envy
  • halve
  • ivy
  • lav
  • lava
  • lave
  • levy
  • livy
  • lvi
  • salve
  • salvo
  • valve
  • Alan I walked home with your brother, and I was just helping him to get in-I didn't think that you-" Alan said, with his measured distinctness: "Nobody cares what you think.
  • Alma But he did not go to the Leightons again for so long a time that Mrs. Leighton asked Alma what had happened.
  • Ava 'Hoot, mem, there's just naething ava! But I'm thinkin' ye'll better gae ben, the minister's steerin!'
  • Ave Children played there in the mornings, and old men and women lingered there and sat on the wooden benches in the sun, but they were all away now; the bells had rung for the Ave Maria, the church doors were closed, and the sacristan had gone to his supper.
  • Aldo "Ouiche! it is not Aldo-it is you who are brave! Aldo is as cautious as a hare, but, being a preposterous poseur, he would not miss an effect for worlds!" And Clarissa flourished an imaginary hat in the Della Rocca style.
  • Alec But Alec hadn't the faintest idea how to find those claims.
  • Alta Alta petit Dismas, infelix infima Gesmas.
  • Alva On the other hand, Meghem, whose co-operation had been commanded by Alva, and arranged personally with Aremberg a fortnight before, at Arnheim, had been delayed in his movements.
  • Alvin Alvin struck a match from his safe and led the way, thus saving the two from the mishap that had overtaken their friend.
  • Alba The erect figure of the Duke of Alba, a man of middle height, followed by several colonels, trotted toward it.
  • Elva
  • Eloy
  • ADV HOOMLY, adv. in a homely way, A 328; Hoomlich, familiarly, B 3. p 12. 135.
  • ATV Balfour was portrayed by Lyndon Brook in the 1975 ATV production Edward the Seventh.
  • ALPO In 1983, Brain met Alpine Renegade ( Alpo), a 6 year old 15 hh gelding.
  • ALES No doubt the truth lies between these extremes; but church-ales must not be altogether forgotten when we read the numerous medieval testimonies to the intimate connection between holy days and crime.
  • bitsier

4 words made from the letters alvy

3 letter words made from alvy:

lvy, lay, lav.

4 letter words made from alvy:


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