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How to spell ANIHILABLE correctly?

If you made an error while typing "anihilable", fret not! The correct spelling you seek is "annihilable". This term refers to something that is capable of being destroyed or erased completely. Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell anihilable correctly

  • Anishinabe The Anishinabe people have a rich cultural heritage that includes birch bark canoe building.
  • Annihilate The powerful earthquake threatened to annihilate the entire city.
  • Assailable The castle's weak defenses made it assailable to enemy attacks.
  • Available There are many sizes available for the new shirt collection.
  • Inimitable His singing voice was truly inimitable; no one could match the depth and emotion he brought to every song.
  • Manipulable The results of the experiment were unreliable because the variables used in the study were not manipulable.
  • Unhirable Due to his poor work ethic and constant tardiness, the employee became unhirable in the eyes of many potential employers.

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