Correct spelling for APPLYIED

We think the word applyied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for applyied

  • alloyed impure, a. tainted, defiled, contaminated, polluted, vitiated, infected; adulterated, alloyed, sophisticated; unchaste, lewd, indelicate, indecent; barbarous, vulgar, hybrid.
  • appalled Most of humanity dreaded their conflict with appalled resignation because there seemed no way to avoid it.
  • applaud "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold," I reply, "may be illustrated in this way: Suppose the Rais buys up or bribes the people, so that nearly all the people applaud whatever he does, whether right or wrong, then the love of your country, amongst you few faithful remaining, will wax cold?"
  • applauder
  • applet
  • applied
  • employed
  • played
  • Allayed Then at last would the agonizing restlessness be allayed, which destroys my existence!
  • Appealed A passenger who sat beside the coachman only smiled when he was appealed to; so it might be concluded that he was ignorant too; and the right and left-hand men seemed so anxious for information, that Hugh told them all he knew;- about the orchard and the avenue, and the pond on the heath, and the playground; and Mrs Watson, and the usher, and Phil, and Joe Cape, and Tony Nelson, and several others of the boys.
  • Applauded All his men applauded this speech and promised him obedience, and the troop of outlaws hastened to surround the hall.
  • Applying
  • Parleyed
  • parlayed
  • appliqued
  • splayed

189 words made from the letters applyied

3 letter words made from applyied:

ida, ali, yap, adp, idp, pal, yea, lap, pip, pie, die, pad, yip, ale, ade, epa, pea, pya, lid, pap, dle, eld, pia, lad, pel, ply, ape, lay, dye, pay, day, edp, pep, pid, ley, lye, pdl, pei, dia, ail, lea, led, alp, dal, dip, ppi, lie, aid, lei, lip, epi.

5 letter words made from applyied:

eliad, ayelp, delap, layed, laide, ilpap, lappe, lydia, plead, delai, deily, diaye, plaid, apple, peyal, lappy, lippe, liepa, apply, paide, pipal, apley, yadel, leppy, dappy, lippa, pylea, daily, ylide, delay, padle, aldie, piled, ideal, yaple, dippy, adeli, papel, yelda, lappi, pilea, lippy, lapid, payed, yield, diple, dalei, appli, dialy, piela, alide, leidy, pidal, pedal, playe, delpy, ailey, lidya, yalie, pepla, dealy.

4 letter words made from applyied:

idle, deal, dyal, laye, pile, yipe, lead, pied, plea, diye, ayed, lade, laid, piel, elia, eday, yeld, lyde, liye, lady, leap, aldy, aide, eppy, lapp, plei, pail, ippy, lied, piye, play, peil, paye, idly, laie, ipay, aidy, pedi, paid, yale, leda, peal, plai, alep, piya, eyad, deyi, papy, dlya, dial, dyle, dayi, aiye, yeap, pipa, ealy, yali, paey, peay, idea, dale, yelp, pipe, daie, eady, lapi, elya, lape, deli, dail, liad, yeda, daei, peli, pale, dali, iyad.

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