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How to spell AREERS correctly?

If you typed "areers" instead of "careers", don't worry! Auto-correct can be a tad mischievous. To rectify this, double-check the spelling and simply replace the incorrect word with "careers". Your sentence will then make perfect sense, giving a boost to your writing prowess.

List of suggestions on how to spell areers correctly

  • agrees The team agrees on the new strategy for the project.
  • archers After retrieving lost socks, the archers discussed the finer points of foot placement while exploring the forest's edge.
  • Areas There are certain areas in the city that should be avoided at night.
  • Arenas The arenas are always so bustling with activity.
  • ares Ares was known by the Greeks as the god of war.
  • arguers The two arguers were quite vocal about their positions.
  • aries In astronomy, the aries sector of the celestial sphere is the first sector of the ecliptic, extending from the
  • arrears I have outstanding arrears from my student loans that I need to repay.
  • avers She avers that her accusations are true.
  • Ayers She always wears her Ayers shirt.
  • careers She was interested in the careers program.
  • Crees The Crees are a First Nations group that inhabit parts of Canada.
  • earners The earners on the team are the heart and soul of the organization.
  • frees
  • parers The parers were carefully slicing the vegetables for the soup.
  • rears
  • Trees
  • Ureters The ureters carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

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