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How to spell ARFF correctly?

The misspelling "arff" could be corrected to "arf", which is the sound that dogs make. Alternatively, it may have been a typo for "air", "art" or "off", depending on the context of the misspelling. A spell check tool or dictionary could also help identify the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell arff correctly

  • AF It's important to limit exposure to loud noises to prevent auditory fatigue (AF).
  • AFB The Air Force Base (AFB) was home to many military aircraft.
  • AFC The AFC Championship game will be held in Kansas City this year.
  • AFN The AFN (American Family Network) is a conservative Christian network.
  • AFR After finishing my shift, I head to the AFR for an ale.
  • aft After dinner, I'll aft to bed.
  • ar
  • ara
  • arc
  • arch The arch of the bridge provides support for the weight of the traffic passing over it.
  • are There are many cookies in the jar.
  • area The area covered by this map is quite small.
  • argo
  • aria The soprano's rendition of the aria brought the audience to their feet with thunderous applause.
  • ark The ark was a large vehicle used by the Israelites during their Exodus from Egypt.
  • arm My arm feels asleep.
  • army The army was called to the border in case of an attack.
  • arno I don't know how to cook arno.
  • ARR I am going to see my aunt in ARR.
  • art My paintings are my best art.
  • arty The gallery was filled with arty photographs and paintings.
  • biff The biff of the ball made it go over the net.
  • buff I saw Robert at the gym, he's really buff.
  • caff
  • cuff The police officer had to cuff the suspect before putting him in the back of the patrol car.
  • DIFF I can't believe that my hair has been diff'd.
  • doff I always doff my hat when entering a church.
  • duff I got a load of duff at the store.
  • eff
  • FF I couldn't believe my eyes when I found out my favorite character in the game had an FF rating of 99.
  • gaff Peter thrust his arm towards the intruder, making a swift movement with his gaff as he did so.
  • Goff I do not have enough information to provide a sentence with the word " Goff" as it could refer to multiple things or people, including a surname, a golf course, or a slang term.
  • guff
  • HOFF I heard Hoff was talking to that girl I saw earlier.
  • huff She let out a huff of frustration and slammed the door.
  • Jeff Jeff and his family went on a camping trip last weekend.
  • JIFF John's car had a scratch on the side, but it was mostly covered by the new bumper sticker JIFF-Y.
  • luff The sailor had to luff the sails to steer the boat against the wind.
  • miff
  • Naff She was totally naff.
  • niff I could smell the niff coming from the garbage can.
  • off I took the day off from work to go to the beach.
  • puff She took a deep puff from her cigarette and exhaled slowly.
  • raf The Royal Air Force (RAF) played a vital role during World War II.
  • ref
  • rf I need to run to the store for some rF.
  • RIF The company implemented a RIF to reduce their workforce and cut costs.
  • riff
  • ruff The dog wore a festive ruff around his neck for the holiday.
  • tiff John and Tom had a tiff yesterday over the ownership of the car.
  • toff The toff arrived in a flashy sports car to attend the high society party.

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