Correct spelling for ARUND

We think the word arund is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for arund

  • abound They abound with information interesting in the highest degree to every Englishman.
  • aground "There is no cause for apprehension," he said; "we are aground, and may possibly have to wait here for the turn of the tide; that's all."
  • amend When he arrived, he found many things to do, and many things to amend.
  • arena As their lanista I shall enter the arena with them.
  • arid On the coast of Tripoli we have the oasis, the arid plain, and the groups of sand-hills of eternal sterility.
  • around She sat up at once and looked around.
  • arrant Mr. Hogarth has asked me about a person in Melbourne, whom I know to be an arrant cheat and liar.
  • aunt A-a-aunt Eunice's got comp'ny.
  • brand "She's given father a brand new heart," returned Harry promptly.
  • brunt All I'm good for is to bear the brunt of everything.
  • earned He, of course, knew exactly what he wanted, and had got it; nor could she say that he had not earned it-grimly.
  • errand He might take you for an errand boy."
  • frond It is very similar to Boydston's spleenwort, Asplenium × boydstoniae, a backcross with Tutwiler's spleenwort, Asplenium tutwilerae; however, Boydston's spleenwort has an elongated, acute frond tip similar to that of Tutwilers spleenwort.
  • gerund Referendums is logically preferable as a plural form meaning 'ballots on one issue (as a Latin gerund, referendum has no plural).
  • grand "Stockmen from Grand Lake....
  • grind He was certainly saving his mount for a long grind.
  • ground Their chief lay still upon the ground.
  • grunt He spoke with a preliminary, contemptuous grunt.
  • ironed Violet maintained the fiction that she was working in the night shift at the glass factory in Magnus, and by day she starched and ironed and pressed and washed for the overdressed children and as she said, "tried to keep them somebody."
  • pruned When the vines are pruned at the close of the third year, two long canes are left at the head of the vine with two renewal spurs.
  • rand Walters scooped it up, spoke into it, listened for a moment, and handed it to Rand.
  • randy What a silly thing to ask, Randy.
  • rant Nevertheless, years later Game Rant included her on their 2011 list of ten "most awesome" Mortal Kombat characters, stating that "while not nearly as unique as some of the other kombatants on the list, Sonya Blade is integral to some of the more interesting story-threads in the Mortal Kombat universe", citing her pursuit for Kano.
  • rend From the graves they have made they shall rise up never, Who have left nought living to ravage and rend.
  • rind These, then, were the men before whose face Gower describes his fellow-landlords as lurking like wild beasts in the woods, feeding on grass and acorns, and wishing that they could shrink within the very rind of the trees; the men who a day or two later surged like a sea round Chaucer's tower of Aldgate, until some accomplice unbarred the gate.
  • round Suddenly Durtal turned round.
  • ruined He thought he had ruined her.
  • runt JIM: What ails the old runt now? You mustn't heed him, Phoebe, lass: he's blind And old and watty: but there's no harm in him.
  • trend His back was turned toward the door when it opened and shut quickly, and Jasper Trend came in, hastily swallowing his last mouthful of breakfast.
  • undo " Undo what you've done if you can, and whatever you du don't ye put 'en in the fire again.
  • And "And is that what Andy'd be at?
  • Rained "It rained very heavily in the night," said Francis.
  • Armand "St. Just, at your service, mademoiselle," said Armand, bowing very low in the most approved style obtaining at the English Court.
  • Aron He worked with Aron Turners Circus, and then with Sands & Lent.
  • Randi Ermanno Randi as Enrico Caruso Gina Lollobrigida as Stella Ciro Scafa as Luigi Gregorio Proboseide Carlo Sposito as Giovanni "Gianni" Palma Maurizio Di Nardo as Caruso as a boy Gaetano Verna as Carusos father Mária Tasnádi Fekete as Anna (Carusos mother) Lamberto Picasso as Vergine the Maestro Nerio Bernardi as Francesco Zucchi Gianpaolo Rosmino as Goffredo Romano Laurienzo as Gino Saltamerenda Elena Sangro as Signora Tivaldi Franca Tamantini as Carragi, a soprano Mimi Ferrari
  • Andy There was a grinding of cogs as the fourth gear slipped into place, for Andy did not handle his car skillfully.
  • aren't Aren't you coming quick to help my mother?
  • Grundy I stopped on the stairs and began reading my essay again; there was simply nothing in the beginning of it which could offend the most inquisitive and conscientious Mrs. Grundy.

35 words made from the letters arund

3 letter words made from arund:

dna, anu, urn, urd, rna, rad, run, nad, dun.

4 letter words made from arund:

nard, darn, danu, nuda, urna, drau, rund, rand, ndau, raud, daur, naud, nurd, dura, raun, naur, ruad, dran, ndur, runa, drua.

5 letter words made from arund:

rudan, raund, radun, rudna, nadur.

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