How to spell ASINS correctly?

We think the word asins is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell asins correctly

  • acing My friend can always ACE a test.
  • aliens We always try to be friendly to aliens.
  • aligns The strategic plan aligns with the organization's goals and values.
  • Anions How many anions are in an alkaline solution?
  • ans
  • Asians Asians are a minority group in the United States.
  • asides I am going to make some brief asides.
  • asks She always asks for a glass of water before going to bed.
  • aspens I love the smell of aspens in the morning.
  • Asps Asps are venomous snakes with a deadly bite.
  • assigns
  • ASSN In an association, members share common goals and work together to achieve them.
  • AWNS The spikes on the weed were actually awns that helped disperse the seeds.
  • Axons She studied the anatomy of axons in medical school.
  • basins Basins are places where runoff from the land gathers and flows into bodies of water.
  • Casings The sausages were made with natural casings.
  • Casinos Las Vegas is known for its extravagant casinos and luxurious hotels.
  • easiness The easiness of the solution made it seem almost too good to be true.
  • easing The massage therapist applied pressure to the tense muscles, gradually easing the tension and promoting relaxation.
  • icings I prefer cream cheese icings on my cupcakes compared to buttercream icings.
  • INS The INS is investigating the illegal immigrants.
  • isis ISIS is a terrorist organization that has committed heinous acts of violence.
  • masons "The masons worked tirelessly to construct the beautiful cathedral with intricate stone carvings.
  • oasis The oasis was a refreshing spot in the midst of the desert.
  • Raisins I like to add raisins to my trail mix for a sweet and chewy snack.
  • RESINS Resins come from plants.
  • Sans
  • sens Le sens de l'odorat nous permet de percevoir les odeurs.
  • signs The doctor asked the patient if there were any signs of improvement in their condition.
  • SINEs After being delayed for four hours, the train finally made it to its destination.
  • sings He sings beautifully in the choir.
  • sins Confessing one's sins is a way of seeking forgiveness and cleansing oneself.
  • sinus I am feeling pressure in my sinus due to seasonal allergies.
  • Sons My sons are going to their soccer game this evening.
  • SUNS I wake up to the suns bright rays.
  • using It is always a good idea to use your ← seatbelt while driving.

Misspelling of the day


  • abortive
  • acetate
  • acetic
  • acetone
  • acidic
  • acidify
  • acidity
  • actif
  • active
  • additive