Correct spelling for ASSIANTED

We think the word assianted is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for assianted

  • Chanted
  • Then the men in the red cloaks chanted the sacred hymn: "homage to thee, sun!

  • Urinated
  • Enchanted(Definition of enchanted)
  • The simplicity affected him with the notion that he was coming to an enchanted palace.

  • Acquainted(Definition of acquainted)
  • I am sure no real believer of that christ ever was a member of any church with which i am acquainted.

  • Ashanti
  • Alienated(Definition of alienated)
  • Consider, again, what is to be expected in this respect of a clergy who, as everything serves to indicate, will hereafter more than ever before be alienated from all modern culture, on the express ground of the decrees of the approaching council, educated in a spirit of hostility to the state, and made into a mere passive instrument of rome.

  • Anted
  • Amounted
  • I had three hundred more, so that my fortune amounted to one thousand sequins; i kept two hundred, and for the rest i took a letter of exchange upon a ragusan who was established in ancona.

  • Machinated(Definition of Machinated)
  • Shunted
  • Ascended
  • When i ascended the stairs, i obtained a full view of the two men.

  • Appointed(Definition of appointed)
  • At an early hour fred and sam were on the road down which skip had driven, waiting for his return; but when the appointed time for them to go to mr. hunter's office arrived, they had watched in vain.

  • Anointed(Definition of Anointed)
  • He believes that he's one of the anointed."

  • Assented(Definition of Assented)
  • This was assented to.

  • Oriented
  • It is obvious that the latter in particular, if carefully oriented, would have served as an admirable means of registering the periodical return of planets, stars or constellations to certain positions; they would then be reflected on the polished surface, as in a frame.

  • Accounted
  • We should have accounted for a lot of them, but they would have done for us in the end."

390 words made from the letters assianted

3 letter words made from assianted:

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5 letter words made from assianted:

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