Correct spelling for ASSTIANCE

We think the word asstiance is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for asstiance

  • askance Thomas eyed him askance.
  • assonance In the following lines the alliteration is reinforced by assonance of or, or and to, to, tu, tu: tum vero exoritur clamor Ripaeque lacusque Responsant Circa et Caelum TonaT omne TumulTu.
  • assurance "Oh, yes, it can," Doctor Hilary had replied with greater assurance still.
  • essence
  • issuance
  • Asians The lack of British Asians in association football has received significant media attention, and has seen some clubs announce plans to explicitly target young British Asian players.
  • assigns He had a sort of idea that she was only acting up to her principles-such as they were-which were very much what popular opinion assigns to the ideal Jesuit.
  • assertions "That is the second time, my Lord, that you have found it necessary to tell me that you have not believed direct assertions which I made you.
  • Assyrians I have followed the commonly received opinion, which places the defeat of Tiglath-pileser after the taking of Babylon; others think that it preceded the decisive victory of the Assyrians.
  • biest

311 words made from the letters asstiance

3 letter words made from asstiance:

ect, ies, ass, set, eta, aec, sit, sea, aas, sic, nec, iaa, ane, tec, nit, ent, sse, tea, est, ice, eat, cst, ten, sat, tin, net, ate, tic, act, tie, can, ant, cis, ana, ain, cia, ace, sin, tss, sac, etc, sen, sec, ans, ani, cat, tan, cns, tai, nsc, tia, sis.

5 letter words made from asstiance:

etica, tcisa, tsien, sasae, tasci, ciena, cseti, sains, canis, inset, etnas, satna, assen, saics, canst, sance, atina, caste, ncaas, tiens, eatin, estai, sinse, tensa, sinas, insas, scant, cient, ances, cissa, staes, etsin, senai, tenia, sceat, stasi, nesci, seans, astin, insta, tiaan, sista, ecast, incas, stais, scent, cante, canai, naess, ansai, saist, sents, sient, sates, tenis, aints, antai, sians, tanec, tacna, einat, satai, aasen, ensis, sants, estas, senta, naias, tinca, cisne, sasai, sansi, tinea, antas, sects, netas, sinta, cants, tsana, enact, sanea, etian, canet, sesia, ciste, tesna, nscsa, aisen, centi, necas, setin, sasac, satie, easts, taean, aecia, esata, incae, scana, atias, sices, saite, sanai, niess, isnae, stena, saine, canta, tices, anesi, cines, essai, cania, entia, setia, nates, siens, cesta, taian, saint, nassi, siste, actia, sites, assan, cinae, asean, acies, ansec, asena, sania, taani, stice, secta, senti, aisne, setai, cites, tanas, sensa, iness, actes, casts, asset, anise, anies, atsea, cases, antic, tasse, casei, stein, entsi, seats, aesti, estan, tines, isaac, tsine, satin, assin, asian, actin, santi, saina, sasia, tassi, icest, tasca, issan, taesa, sanei, stain, ieast, sasan, sitae, scans, asten, senat, saens, steai, nisas, cinta, seita, teian, scien, senia, isaan.

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