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How to spell AUSING correctly?

If you're mistakenly typing "ausing" instead of the correct spelling, "causing", here are a few suggestions to prevent future errors. Consider spell-check software or browser extensions, proofreading your writing more carefully or consulting online dictionaries for correct spellings. Taking these steps will help you avoid any similar mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell ausing correctly

  • Abasing Abasing oneself in front of others is never a good trait to possess.
  • Abusing Abusing drugs can cause numerous health problems.
  • accusing Samantha was accusing her roommate of stealing her favorite shirt.
  • acing
  • amusing The movie was very amusing and had the whole audience laughing.
  • arcing The electricity in the storm caused an arcing of lightning across the sky.
  • Arising Arising early in the morning, I enjoy watching the sunrise.
  • Arousing I was feeling aroused after the arousing movie I saw last night.
  • asking She is always asking for my advice about what to wear.
  • austin Austin has a vibrant live music scene.
  • auxin Auxin is a hormone that promotes cell growth and elongation in plants.
  • axing My boss is axing our department next month, so I need to start job searching.
  • Basing I'm basing my decision on the facts.
  • busing Busing is a strategy used to transport students to schools outside of their local neighborhoods.
  • casing The phone's casing was scratched and cracked from being dropped multiple times.
  • causing
  • easing The government announced measures for easing the economic burden on citizens during the pandemic.
  • Fusing Fusing two hydrogen atoms together creates a helium atom.
  • musing As I walked through the park, I couldn't help but be lost in musing about the meaning of life.
  • ousting The ousting of the CEO caused a stir within the company.
  • Pausing I am pausing for a moment to think about my response.
  • sing
  • Suing My neighbor is suing me for being noisy.
  • using

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