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How to spell AVIAL correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "avial", fear not! Here are some suggestions to make your writing error-free. You may have intended to write "avail", meaning to utilize or take advantage of something. Alternatively, you could have meant "avril", a common misspelling of the French word "avril", which means April. Double-check your spelling to ensure clarity and accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell avial correctly

  • advil
  • aerial The aerial view of the city was stunning from the top of the tall building.
  • ail I hope you feel better soon and that this medication will help an ail in your body.
  • anvil
  • ARAL
  • Ava Ivana had always loved Ava the dog, but when Ivan died she couldn't take care of her anymore.
  • avail I wish to avail myself of the opportunity to speak to you.
  • avian The researcher studied avian behavior in relation to migration patterns.
  • aviary A large aviary is a beautiful sight to behold.
  • avid As an avid reader, she always had a book with her no matter where she went.
  • avidly
  • Avila I am from the city of Avila in the state of Jalisco.
  • Avis Avis rented a car for her weekend getaway.
  • avowal Her avowal of love took him by surprise.
  • axial The axial shaft passed through the center of the Disk.
  • cavil I can't believe you would cavil at my suggestion.
  • evil The evil done to me will never be forgotten.
  • jovial The party was jovial and all seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • Laval I've always wanted to go to Laval.
  • naval The naval fleet is a significant part of the defense forces of the country.
  • oval The swimming pool had an oval shape.
  • phial The medicine Phial was given toixir.
  • vial I forgot my vial of hair tonic.

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