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How to spell AWEAK correctly?

The correct spelling for "aweak" might be "weak". This misspelling can be easily corrected by adding the letter "w" at the beginning. Another possible correct suggestion could be "awake" if the intended meaning of the word was to refer to being conscious or alert.

List of suggestions on how to spell aweak correctly

  • awake I was awake all night because of the loud noises outside.
  • away I have to pack my bags and get away for the weekend.
  • awe She stood in awe of the magnificent mountain towering above her.
  • awed As a child, I was awed by the grandeur and majesty of the pyramids.
  • awes I am awes by the beauty of the sunset over the mountains.
  • SWAK
  • tweak After testing the website, the designer realized that he needed to tweak the layout for better user experience.
  • weak I feel weak after running a marathon.
  • week

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