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How to spell AWEAY correctly?

If you meant "away" but accidentally typed "aweay", don't worry! Thankfully, autocorrect can easily fix this error for you. Moreover, paying closer attention to the keyboard layout while typing may also prevent such misspellings in the future. Remember, small mistakes happen, but it's always important to correct them promptly.

List of suggestions on how to spell aweay correctly

  • allay She tried to allay my fears by reminding me that I had prepared well for the test.
  • AMWAY I tried Amway for a month and lost money.
  • area The designated picnic area is located near the lake.
  • array The store has a wide array of products to choose from.
  • assay The assay will determine the level of poison in the drink.
  • away I need to take away the trash before I go.
  • awe I cannot believe the view from up there. It's awe-inspiring.
  • awed The tourists were awed by the magnificent sunset over the Grand Canyon.
  • awes I am awes-inspired by the beauty of nature.
  • awry The bird was in an awkward position, perched on an awry branch.
  • sway
  • swear
  • way She found a way to solve the problem.
  • wear I like to wear my favorite sweater when it gets cold outside.

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