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How to spell BATHERING correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "bathering", you might actually mean "gathering", which refers to the act of coming together. Another possibility is "bathing", which entails cleaning or immersing in water. It's essential to clarify the intended meaning to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell bathering correctly

  • Barbering My grandfather learned barbering from his father and passed down the skill to my father.
  • Bartering Due to financial struggles, many people have turned to bartering for goods and services.
  • bathing I will be bathing my dog this afternoon.
  • battering The sound of the battering rain on the roof was deafening.
  • bettering She dedicated herself to bettering her community by volunteering at local charities and organizing community events.
  • blathering I can't stand it when people are constantly blathering on and on without ever getting to the point.
  • blithering His blithering about the weather was getting tiresome.
  • Bothering
  • butchering He learned the art of butchering from his father who had been a butcher all his life.
  • Buttering She was busy buttering the bread in preparation for making sandwiches.
  • catherine She was named after Catherine the Great, the Russian empress.
  • dithering John was dithering over which tie to wear to the job interview.
  • Fathering He is remiss in fathering his children.
  • feathering The process of feathering the edges of a painting helps to create a soft, blended effect.
  • gathering The gathering of the community was joyous and full of laughter.
  • Katherine Horace realized that he had never even told Katherine how he felt.
  • Lathering
  • Mothering My mothering instincts kicked in when I saw that she was upset.
  • Pothering I am trying to concentrate but your constant pothering is making it difficult.
  • Tethering Tethering your phone to your laptop can provide an internet connection when Wi-Fi is not available.
  • Weathering The weathering of the rocks reveals the ancient story of the earth.
  • withering

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