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How to spell BEBUT correctly?

If you've misspelled the word "bebut", fear not, as there are a few correct alternatives you can consider. The correct spelling for a word meaning "start-point" is "bebut", but if you were trying to write "debate", "rebuilt" or "debit", it's important to double-check your spelling and use the appropriate word in your context.

List of suggestions on how to spell bebut correctly

  • abut
  • beast The beast in the forest scared me.
  • beat I can't believe he hit me; he's really a beat stick.
  • beaut
  • beauty Beauty is subjective and can be found in different things and different people.
  • bebop I love listening to jazz, but I can't help but groove to the bebop in some of the classic recordings.
  • beet
  • befit
  • Begat Adam begat Seth.
  • beget One incident can beget another.
  • Begot Abraham begot Isaac in the Bible.
  • beirut The bombing in Beirut has left many people with injuries and destruction.
  • belt I tightened my belt so my pants wouldn't fall down.
  • benet
  • bent I accidentally sat on my glasses and bent them out of shape.
  • beret He wore a stylish outfit consisting of a white turtleneck, black skinny jeans, and a red beret.
  • Bert Bert went to the park with his dog.
  • beset The robbers were beset by the police.
  • besot
  • best criterion for the best is whether or not the product meets the user's needs
  • bet I will bet you fifty dollars that I can recite the entire alphabet within sixty seconds.
  • bout He was knocked out in the first bout of the boxing match.
  • brut
  • but The weather was hot, but the beach was crowded.
  • debit I need to debit my bank account for the purchase I made yesterday.
  • debt I couldn't afford to pay off my debt until I got a better job.
  • debut The musician made her debut at the age of 10.
  • rebut The lawyer will attempt to rebut the opponent's argument in court tomorrow.

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