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How to spell BEGALS correctly?

When it comes to the misspelling "begals", there are a couple of correct alternatives. One could be referring to "bagels", those delicious doughy treats that are particularly popular for breakfast. Alternatively, if the intended word was "beagles", it would point to the adorable breed of hound dogs known for their friendly nature.

List of suggestions on how to spell begals correctly

  • bagels I picked up some bagels from the bakery for breakfast.
  • Beaks My beaks are huge!
  • becalm The warm breeze did little to becalm my nerves as the airplane jolted through turbulence.
  • becalms The sudden drop in wind becalms the sailboat.
  • befalls It is often said that good fortune befalls those who work hard and stay positive.
  • begets
  • beggars There are beggars everywhere you look in this city.
  • begins The game begins at 5 o'clock.
  • begs The way he talks about his work begs the question of whether or not he actually enjoys it.
  • belays
  • bells The sound of the bells echoed through the empty town square.
  • Bengals A group of bengals live in my backyard.
  • beryls The rings on her fingers were made of beryls.
  • bevels The carpenter carefully made precise bevels on the edges of the wood to ensure a perfect fit.
  • bewails She bewails the loss of her cherished cat.
  • bezels The new smartphone has thin bezels around the screen, giving it a sleek and modern look.
  • decals I put decals on my car to show my appreciation for the great country I live in.
  • GALS The GALS group is always up for a good time.
  • legals The company's legals department advised on the contract negotiations.
  • regales

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