Correct spelling for BERAGE

We think the word berage is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for berage

  • Bragger
  • After returning to the falklands, bragger went on to work at falkland islands radio service, rising to the position of news editor during which time he worked on the documentary series falklands 30 which marked the 30th anniversary of the falklands war and was broadcast on bbc radio.

  • Brave
  • "i'm so glad you spoke about this before we left," replied mrs. evringham, smiling on the brave woman.

  • Beverage
  • Now, as a rule, the widow sprigg needed no urging to drink her favorite beverage, which, like many another countrywoman,-more's the pity!

  • Berg
  • Then he met mrs. holda, of berg street, piccadilly.

  • Brae
  • I can remember to this day the amused look on the good dominie's face as he stared and tried to guess what had got into us, until one of the older boys breathlessly explained that there was an awful big dandy doctor on the brae and we couldna gang hame.

  • Brogue
  • Mike was not altogether a negro, having a good deal of irish blood in his veins, and this conjunction of the two races in his individuality had had the effect upon his speech of destroying all tendency to negro dialect or irish brogue, so that, in fact, he spoke like ordinary white people of his grade in life.

  • Brag
  • They were ready to brag of their valor, and to put their boasts to the test.

  • Dogpaddling
  • Break
  • The count left trieste at day-break.

  • Brace
  • Harcourt, brace and company, new york, 1921. eliot, samuel a., little theatre classics, one-act versions of standard plays from the modern and the classic plays.

  • Bereave
  • It is, at the same time, certain, that any remarkable defect in courage, temperance, economy, industry, understanding, dignity of mind, would bereave even a very good-natured, honest man of this honourable appellation.

  • Bragg
  • While bragg was organizing his army at chattanooga, another confederate army was being organized at knoxville under general e. kirby smith; this army was to invade kentucky by way of east tennessee, while general bragg was to invade by way of middle tennessee.

  • Rage
  • Beige
  • She wore a regardless beige gown, with paris written all over it, and beautifully put on over a lovely, small-hipped figure.

  • Berger
  • A vote for berger is a vote approving his repeated and uncalled-for condemnation of our class-war comrades of the i. w. w.-condemnation persistently offered to prove berger's own eminent respectability.

  • Braque
  • By 1908–09, in such studies as baigneuses (bathers), it is apparent that metzinger was not following the lead of picasso or braque in their hermetic approach to painting—he had little interest in imitating, whether it be "an orb on a vertical plane" or anything else—metzinger was on a path leading to abstraction and to the almost total disintegration of recognizable form.

  • Brig
  • But the sails drew; the brig slowly fell off before the wind, and we edged away from our perilous position.

  • Berate
  • Thoughtless plungers, with their half-baked opinions, we have a'plenty; idiosyncratics are, of course, irrepressible, since like the true criminal, "their faculties are not well balanced"; the self-seeking advertiser never misses a throw no matter how cheap; purse-packing politicians play the penological game for the "rake off"; hectic emotionalists berate those who do not see with eyes blind to the wide-open machinations of criminal malingerers; kindergarten panaceas are seriously advanced as means by which to stop death-dealing bandits; and a dash of the seasoning of the conglomerate mess is done by every dilettante who has worried through the like of freud's "dream" stuff.

  • Broke
  • Suddenly he let go and broke into a run.

  • Brake
  • There brake he 'the ships of tarshish with an east wind.

  • Braze
  • As the temperature of the braze alloy is increased, the alloying and wetting action of the filler metal increases as well.

  • Breaker
  • "i've been sick, but i'm still a match for any house-breaker.

  • Peerage
  • Counterposing
  • Barrage
  • For two hours the barrage raged, and the din was such that they had to shout in each other's ears to be heard.

  • Brags
  • They could not sleep, and fell to making brags instead, and laying of wagers, as is the way of the knights of france, each striving to outdo the other in warranting himself to do some doughty deed for to manifest his prowess.

  • Bridge
  • Moved by the officer's entreaties parma turned and walked along the bridge.

  • Barge
  • They stood upon the battery until the barge which bore the gallant figure away faded from sight.

68 words made from the letters berage

5 letter words made from berage:

berea, berge, barge, bagre, gerea, gaber, begar, rebag, brega, beare, bager, beger, gerba, agere, grabe, berga, eagre, agree, geber, bereg, brage, brege, gebre, ragee, aegre, grebe, eager, aberg.

6 letter words made from berage:

breage, bargee, abrege.

3 letter words made from berage:

are, age, bar, arb, gar, bee, bag, bra, ear, reb, gab, eeg, era, rag, beg, gee, geb, erg.

4 letter words made from berage:

bare, beag, berg, reeg, garb, bear, rage, ebre, rabe, eega, egba, reeb, gear, rege, rega, brag, bgee, grab, beer.