Correct spelling for BIBAL

We think the word bibal is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for bibal

  • Sibyl
  • Bale
  • I kept hold, however, of my bale of silk, and jack and i scrambled up one of the winding paths in the cliff, and got clear off."

  • Bobble
  • This version was originally released as final bubble bobble in 1988 for the master system in japan.

  • Babel
  • In her opinion bridgie's explanation had been singularly inadequate, and she was filled with indignation at the babel of sounds which drowned her conclusion.

  • Bibs
  • 6. supplementary work: shoe bags, silver cases, holders, bibs, silk bags, darning bags, needle books, traveling cases, baby caps and work of a similar character.

  • Burial
  • Fibula
  • Bob
  • Afore old mr. walker could answer the door opened and in came bob pretty.

  • Libel
  • Bibles
  • Anna was not with the party which at the usual hour entered the family carriage with bibles and prayer books in hand.

  • Bola
  • Called hiru txirlo común in spanish), this is a variant of bola jokoa played in the basque country.

  • Bill
  • And he thrust a bill into the small boy's hand.

  • Baal
  • Women have such an unwholesome craving to experience the keenest edge of pain, that i believe many of them would cut themselves with knives, like the priests of baal, if they could not get a husband to perform the operation for them.

  • Labial
  • Bib
  • Recalled in 1661. index: f arrives as governor, 43; on laval, 45. l his opinion of laval, 29; hostility to maisonneuve, 176. bib.

  • Tibial
  • Liable
  • Bile
  • At length some casual word occurr'd which somewhat moved the lady's bile; from less to more her anger wax'd- how sheepish look'd her swain the while!- and now upon their faces twain there is not seen a single smile.

  • Viable
  • Bail
  • It was on my mind the whole mission that if anything happened i would have to land the plane and not bail out.

  • Bubble
  • Prince john blew his hardest and did his best to keep it from sinking; for he knew, as we all do, that once let a bubble touch the earth, and all is over,-its glittering wings collapse,-they fly no more.

  • Bawl
  • So suarez spoiled a pretty bit of romance by his ruffling agitation over some bawl of savage frenzy, for courtenay, of course, would have laughed away the girl's protests that she was usurping another woman's place.

  • Banal
  • It sounded abominably crude, abominably banal-this tardy question, and never had max felt less feminine than in the uttering of it.

  • Bubbly
  • Look at that vain bubbly-jock there, papa, cried moira, he loves to have me notice him.

  • Bl
  • Bl. a genus composed of species of chiton, the valves of which are covered by the integument, as chiton porosus of burrows.

  • Blab
  • Pinkey had warned him that at the first openly hostile act he would "blab" the story of the skull creek episode far and wide.

  • Bella
  • "it's to bella, too," she reasoned.

  • Babble
  • Presently a dull roar sounded above the babble of the brook.

  • Bbl
  • Bbl. of c. ...2.00 charlotte.

  • Ball
  • I rang for le duc, and told him i wanted to have my hair done, and to be dressed as if i were going to a ball.

  • Bilbo
  • Bagshot may mean: places bagshot, surrey, england bagshot heath bagshot park, home of the earl and countess of wessex bagshot beds, an eocene sedimentary rock formation bagshot, a settlement in shalbourne, wiltshire, england other bathilda bagshot, a fictional character in the harry potter books bristol bagshot, a british biplane fighter design bagshot row, a fictional street near bag end, the residence of bilbo baggins, and later frodo baggins before he bequeathed it to samwise gamgee in the lord of the rings

  • Bub
  • "don't show off your smartness, bub," sharply spoke the man at last, as he fully comprehended that ree had purposely given him an evasive answer, "i asked a civil enough question."

  • Cabal
  • Boil
  • Then put it again into the caldron, and boil it an hour or an hour and a half.

  • Bela
  • Bela, seeing what was coming, saved herself from a like fate by throwing herself forward in the canoe.

  • Billy
  • "anything," replied unc' billy.

  • Biol
  • Cold spring harbor perspectives in biology (cold spring harb perspect biol)

  • Bali
  • Cv chondrites observed falls: allende bali bukhara grosnaja kaba mokoia vigarano

  • Barbel
  • The andalusian barbel or gypsy barbel (luciobarbus sclateri) is a freshwater fish species in the family cyprinidae.

  • Tubal
  • Disconsolatenesses
  • Bible
  • "we find them between the lids of the bible.

  • Viably
  • Bilbao
  • And in that instant the great bells overhead began to ring, and all the bells of all bilbao pealed with them, and the people waked and came running to the rescue of our lady, and the robbers were put to death.

  • Basal
  • Usually, the basal third of the hind wings is more or less greyish, but sometimes the whole surface almost, or quite up to the outer band, is clouded with dark grey.

  • Bobtail
  • In the words of the game, popular hereabout, he is playing a bobtail!

  • Burble
  • Baikal
  • Baikal is reached nearly opposite the point at which the railway strikes the lake on the eastern side.

  • Baby
  • But she is my wife, and the mother of a little baby girl.

  • Babe
  • "an innocent babe in the woods," murmured pat when walter told how he had removed his shoes and taken to the deer paths.

  • Bauble
  • The feminine conscience might possibly shy at paying a whole three shillings for a bauble which could be done without, but, let the eye catch sight of an impressive two, and the small eleven three-farthings is swallowed at a gulp!

  • Bilabial
  • Pharyngealized voiceless alveolar stop  [tˤ] (in arabic, berber, mizrahi and classical hebrew) pharyngealized voiced alveolar stop  [dˤ] (in berber, arabic) pharyngealized voiceless bilabial stop [pˤ] (in ubykh) pharyngealized voiced bilabial stop [bˤ] (in ubykh) pharyngealized voiceless uvular stop [qˤ] (in ubykh, tsakhur, arabic, classical hebrew) pharyngealized voiced uvular stop [ɢˤ] (in tsakhur)

  • Jubal

16 words made from the letters bibal

3 letter words made from bibal:

alb, ali, ail, bbl, bib, bai, lab.

4 letter words made from bibal:

5 letter words made from bibal:

libba, babli, babil.