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How to spell BISEING correctly?

If you meant to type "biseing" but it's simply a misspelling, the correct suggestions would be "biking" or "busing". Both words are commonly used and correctly spelled terms. "Biking" refers to riding a bicycle, while "busing" refers to transporting people by bus.

List of suggestions on how to spell biseing correctly

  • Aisling Aisling is an Irish name that means "dream or vision".
  • bashing The child was scolded for bashing his sister's favorite toy.
  • basing The company made the decision of basing their new office in a central location for easy accessibility.
  • basking The turtle was basking in the warm sunlight.
  • basting She brushed melted butter over the turkey, basting it to keep it moist while it roasted in the oven.
  • being She was afraid of being alone in the dark.
  • besting He was confident in his abilities and set his sights on besting his competition in the upcoming race.
  • biasing The way the information was presented in the article was biasing the reader's opinion on the topic.
  • bidding The auctioneer started the bidding at $100 for the rare painting.
  • biding She sat quietly in the corner, biding her time and waiting for the right moment to make her move.
  • biffing He was biffing the tennis ball across the court, showing off his impressive skills.
  • biking I enjoy biking through the scenic trails in the mountains.
  • bilking The scam artist was arrested for bilking innocent individuals out of their life savings.
  • billing I need to check my billing statement to see if the payment went through.
  • binding The contract had a binding clause that required both parties to fulfill their obligations.
  • bingeing I've been on a Netflix bingeing spree all weekend, watching my favorite shows back to back.
  • binging I spent all weekend binge-watching my favorite TV show.
  • binning I spent the afternoon sorting through old papers and binning those I no longer needed.
  • birding I enjoy going birding early in the morning to spot and identify various species of birds.
  • bisecting The street was bisecting the neighborhood, dividing it into two equal parts.
  • biting The mosquito was biting my arm relentlessly, leaving small red marks behind.
  • Boeing Boeing is a major global manufacturer of commercial airplanes and defense, space, and security systems.
  • bossing My older sister has a knack for bossing everyone around.
  • brisking I saw the little squirrel brisking about in the yard, gathering acorns for the winter.
  • bushing The mechanic had to replace the worn-out bushing in the car's suspension system.
  • busing The district implemented a new busing system to ensure that all students had transportation to and from school.
  • busking The talented street musician is earning a living by busking in the crowded city center.
  • bussing I saw a group of students bussing to their field trip destination.
  • busting The police were constantly busting drug dealers in our neighborhood.
  • busying I noticed my coworkers busying themselves with paperwork as the deadline approached.
  • dishing She was dishing out compliments left and right, making everyone feel appreciated.
  • dissing I heard him dissing the new album, claiming it lacked creativity.
  • fishing My family and I went fishing at the lake over the weekend and caught a variety of fish.
  • fisting
  • hieing She was hieing to catch the last bus of the night before it departed.
  • hissing As the snake slithered across the forest floor, it emitted a chilling hissing sound, causing the nearby animals to scatter in fear.
  • kissing The couple was caught passionately kissing under the starry night sky.
  • lisping She had a slight lisp, but her charming personality made it endearing.
  • listing The real estate agent provided me with a detailed listing of available properties in the area.
  • missing I realized I left my phone at home when I felt the missing weight in my pocket.
  • misting The hot weather called for some refreshing misting from the spray bottle.
  • Nisan Nisan is the name of a month in the Hebrew calendar, which typically falls in the spring.
  • pieing The mischievous students were caught pieing their teachers during the school's talent show.
  • pissing I could hear the neighbor's dog pissing on my lawn.
  • rising The sun was a magnificent sight, its golden rays creating a breathtaking display as it began rising above the horizon.
  • risking She decided to pursue her dream of starting her own business, risking financial stability for the chance of success.
  • tieing He was tieing his shoelaces before heading out for a run.
  • visaing I am currently visaing all the necessary documents for my upcoming trip to France.
  • Viseing
  • vising I am vising my grandparents next weekend.
  • wishing I am wishing for good luck on my upcoming job interview.
  • wising I am wising up to her true intentions.
  • Xizang Xizang is an autonomous region located in southwest China.

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