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How to spell BIULT correctly?

The correct spelling of "biult" is "built". To avoid this common misspelling, it's important to remember the "L" after "U". Some other correct suggestions could be: "constructed", "erected", "assembled", "fabricated" or "raised". Using a spell-check tool or a dictionary can also help with correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell biult correctly

  • belt She had to tighten her belt to keep her pants from falling down.
  • bile
  • bill
  • billet
  • BIOL The BIOL lab is where we conduct experiments on living organisms.
  • bit
  • blt
  • bluet
  • blurt I didn't mean to blurt out your secret.
  • bolt He decided to bolt out of the room when he saw the spider crawling towards him.
  • bout I had a bout of allergies after spending time in the garden.
  • built The builders built a house for the family.
  • bull The angry bull charged towards the matador in the bullfight arena.
  • burt
  • but
  • ult

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