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How to spell BLODED correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "bloded", there are a few possible correct suggestions that come to mind. One option could be "blended", which means to mix or combine elements together. Alternatively, "bloated" refers to a swollen or distended condition. Finally, "blotted" means to soak up or remove liquid with absorbent material.

List of suggestions on how to spell bloded correctly

  • -blooded
  • blade The blade of the knife glinted in the sun as I chopped the vegetables.
  • bladed The bladed weapon glinted in the moonlight as she wielded it with ease.
  • Bled He bled profusely after accidentally cutting his finger with a knife.
  • bleed The cut on his hand was deep and continued to bleed despite pressure being applied.
  • blended My sister's opinion of the smoothie was that it had a good blended mix of fruit and yogurt.
  • blinded The bright light in his eyes momentarily blinded him.
  • bloated After eating a large meal, I felt so bloated that I had to unbutton my pants.
  • blonde She has long, flowing blonde hair.
  • blood The doctor took a sample of my blood to test for any abnormalities.
  • blooded The horse was a pure-blooded Arabian.
  • bloodied Her hand was bloodied from the sharp edge of the broken glass.
  • Blotted
  • Blued The metallic parts of the gun were blued to protect them from rust.
  • Boded The dark sky and heavy clouds boded ill for our outdoor picnic plans.
  • bodied The fully bodied red wine paired perfectly with the steak.
  • bonded The two sisters bonded over their shared love of cooking.
  • laded I have a full battery, so I'm not laded
  • loaded I'm feeling quite loaded tonight.
  • Lorded The Queen was Lorded over by her subjects.

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