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How to spell CAFTED correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "cafted", fear not! The correct spelling is "crafted". This simple mistake occurs due to the proximity of the "f" and "r" on the keyboard. So next time, double-check your work or turn on autocorrect to avoid such minor errors. Happy writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell cafted correctly

  • canted The canted deck of the ship made it difficult to keep my balance while walking.
  • Carded I was carded by the bartender because I look younger than my actual age.
  • Carted John carted all of his belongings from his old apartment to his new one.
  • carved She carved her initials into the tree trunk.
  • catted
  • Caved The roof of the old house caved in during the strong storm.
  • Coasted I coasted down the coast on my sailboat.
  • coated The chicken was coated in breadcrumbs and ready to be fried.
  • crafted I can't believe he just threw that away - it's Crafted!
  • Crated The fragile items were crated carefully to avoid any damage during transportation.
  • cuffed
  • FARTED I accidentally farted in class and everyone looked at me.
  • fated She had always been aware that she was fated to marry him.
  • Gaffed Due to the recent financial revelations, many people are now gaffed.
  • Gated The community is gated and has a security guard to watch over the premises.
  • gifted My sister is a gifted artist.
  • Grafted The gardener grafted a branch of a fruit tree onto another to create a hybrid plant.
  • Rafted We rafted down the river and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
  • Shafted Somebody has shafted me.
  • Wafted

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