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How to spell CAHGES correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "cahges", here are a few correct suggestions you can consider: "changes", "charges", "cages", "cages", "cages". Proofreading is essential to catch such errors, but with these alternatives, you can rectify the mistake and ensure proper spelling in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell cahges correctly

  • ages
  • caches She always caches the leftovers from her dinner so that they will be eatable the next day.
  • cadge I cadge a cup of coffee from my employer.
  • cadges The child held out a piece of candy and said, "Here, cadges for you.
  • CAFES There are plenty of cafes in the city where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee.
  • cage The tiger paced restlessly in its cage.
  • Caged The bird was caged.
  • cages These birds are kept in cages.
  • cagey I feel a bit cagey about going out with him.
  • cakes
  • Canes Dogs canes are often used to help people walk.
  • capes Superheroes often wear capes to fly through the air.
  • cares She cares for her sick child every day.
  • Cargoes The ship carried various cargoes, including textiles and spices, across the ocean.
  • cases There are several cases of cancer in the family.
  • cashes
  • caves The group of explorers spent the night in the caves, surrounded by darkness and the sound of dripping water.
  • Charges The charges pressed against the defendant were wholly unfounded.
  • ganges
  • gauges She uses gauges to measure the depth of the lake.
  • PAGES The library has a lot of pages.
  • Rages The storm outside rages on, with lightning strikes illuminating the sky.
  • sages
  • wages John's wages have not increased in two years.

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