Correct spelling for CALCUTING

We think the word calcuting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for calcuting

  • calculating "Well, that's something; but your error consists in calculating on the yearly cost.
  • calcutta O'Shaughnessy experimented with it in the hospital of the Medical College of Calcutta and reported good tonic and antipyretic effects.
  • cladding Characteristics of a doubly clad optical fiber with a low-index inner cladding".
  • clocking
  • clotting
  • clouding
  • collecting
  • locating
  • placating
  • Calking Some of the lead joints leaked slightly at first, but this was soon remedied by more careful calking.
  • Clacking Occasion was the indictment of Prince ARTHUR; long pending; was to have come off at beginning of Session; put off on account of counter attractions in Committee-Room No. 15; postponement no longer possible; and here we are, House throbbing with excitement, OLD MORALITY nervously clacking about Treasury Bench, bringing his chicks together under his wing.
  • Clicking The utter silence in the room after these words were spoken was broken by the sharp clicking of two pistols, and half stunned for the moment, as he listened for the reports, Chester, recalling what must have happened on the night when he was first called in, threw himself before Marion to screen her from any bullet which might come there.
  • Clouting
  • Clucking
  • Glutting
  • Mulcting
  • Collating
  • Collocating
  • Colluding
  • Claudine Claudine is not of Montmartre at all, at all.
  • cascading Gustave stood irresolute, the crimson blooms cascading before him.
  • caulking My ferryman was caulking a dory.

304 words made from the letters calcuting

5 letter words made from calcuting:

gaunt, acing, lunca, algun, taung, altun, iancu, tincu, cnaic, lutin, galit, gilan, aulin, ligan, nalut, actin, tacul, gilat, ugali, ignat, lungi, altin, tanui, ictal, gatun, nucci, tulin, ganci, aling, tangi, tinga, utina, cinta, talic, gulan, ancic, algin, atlin, tingl, linta, ganic, gantu, catli, tical, igual, lucci, latin, iglau, cling, gauci, guant, taing, gutai, uinta, litan, gulin, glunt, clang, unlit, clain, intuc, ilang, luang, antic, tucci, cilag, autin, culin, ulica, tiang, unagi, tunga, guilt, incut, gunia, cugat, utian, tinag, cilan, tigua, aigun, itgal, nault, nital, ngati, giant, cauli, ailun, uncal, gulia, culti, utica, galut, nauti, lnuit, langi, lucin, tunic, cutal, calci, ating, gatic, algic, ticca, accnt, ngilu, ungal, lucca, lunga, tuina, gluta, taigu, laing, gutin, aguti, tagil, tinca, cuing, cutan, glina, nugal, inula, gaint, cagni, luing, glint, ctncl, lanci, lagun, cinct, claut, gulai, uniat, linac, angul, glant, align, lugia, cantu, canut.

3 letter words made from calcuting:

gut, icc, gin, nag, ant, aug, gat, icu, tia, cut, gun, lit, lin, gca, ain, uta, tag, tiu, nil, gal, alt, lan, tan, cat, uca, tic, cli, cul, utc, tau, anu, lac, uni, lat, nig, tlc, can, tug, ult, ail, act, iga, ali, tin, gui, lug, ngu, ani, gnu, tai, nit, cia, nut, lag, tun.

4 letter words made from calcuting:

glau, luit, clit, anti, gain, iglu, cung, nuta, inga, nail, tian, gila, laut, tung, gunt, lung, ugcc, inul, utca, guta, ulin, utan, atun, uict, cgnu, ical, cnlt, luat, cain, tail, liau, gnal, ciuc, tual, ugni, caul, gait, ilna, anlu, tang, inca, taig, talc, talu, glut, gnat, liut, unal, tuli, tuna, unit, guia, guan, cali, gaul, nicu, ainu, ting, lint, cuti, nagi, gilt, guli, luin, ulia, cing, ulna, clun, cutl, glan, lunt, glia, caiu, gaut, luga, nuit, nagl, gnau, ugli, atul, lagi, aunt, ulta, guti, gati, cult, tuni, clan, aiul, laic, cunt, ngau, cnut, anil, cant, gaun, unti, ling, tuin, lagu, cuan, guil, luna, cuit, cual, agni, gual, gula, ganu.

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