Correct spelling for CALLINGA

We think the word callinga is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for callinga

  • calling Mamma's calling," she repeated or at least he thought she repeated.
  • calming You must tell him that she died very suddenly; you must weep a great deal, and give him a fee, and he will think only of calming your grief, and nothing about the sudden death."
  • calving The calving front of Jorge Montt Glacier, which is the northern glacier of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, reaches the Baker Channel.
  • cling When in the house, the little boy was seldom out of his arms, and whatever were Malcolm's faults, he had none in the eyes of the child, who used to cling around his neck, and kiss his rough, unshaven cheeks with the greatest fondness.
  • coiling Prof. Hartt states, also, on the authority of Dr. de Magalhaes, that the pottery of the several tribes of the Araquaya River is always made by coiling, the surface being worked down by the hand and water and the aid of a spoon-like trowel made of bamboo.
  • cooling Is it a cooling fountain to you?
  • cowling John Biffen, 'The Conservatism of Labour, in Maurice Cowling (ed.
  • curling He himself was a little rosy, plump, merry child, with beautiful curling hair, and so sweet a temper that everybody loved him.
  • falling By this time the sun had risen, and his rays falling upon the faces of the sleepers, awakened them.
  • galling In effect, the yoke of this species of government is so galling, that whenever the people have got the least power, they have shaken it off with the utmost indignation, and established a popular form.
  • Balling Robert Balling, American, former director of the Office of Climatology and is a professor of geography at Arizona State University, climatology, global climate change, and geographic information systems.
  • Cabling Large ferrite beads are commonly seen on external cabling.
  • Calking Traditional caulking (also spelled calking) on wooden vessels uses fibers of cotton and oakum (hemp fiber soaked in pine tar).
  • Carlin Carlin blinked again, keeping his gaze aloof.
  • Clingy Their relationship wasnt entirely a happy one, since Robert was clingy and smothered her, which led to their breakup.
  • Coaling The question of necessity for coaling at Cape Town, and the facilities for it should at least be exhaustively studied before accepting this solution as final, or even probable.
  • Gulling
  • Palling
  • Walling
  • Collin At the soiree were present Prince Lichnowsky and the Princess, his lady, Beethoven and his brother Kaspar, [Stephan] von Breuning, [Heinrich] von Collin, the poet, the tragedian Lange (another brother-in-law to Mozart), Treitschke, Clement, leader of the orchestra, Meyer and myself; whether Kapellmeister von Seyfried was there I am not certain any more, though I should think so.
  • Culling She had been culling the blooms of that poetic land, and could not but offer me leaves from her garland.
  • callings Although common honesty is still happily in the ascendant amongst common people, and the general business community of England is still sound at heart, putting their honest character into their respective callings,-there are unhappily, as there have been in all times, but too many instances of flagrant dishonesty and fraud, exhibited by the unscrupulous, the over-speculative, and the intensely selfish in their haste to be rich.
  • jailing
  • jelling
  • gelling High Bailiffs of Ramsey John Frissell Crellin, 1777–1794 James Wilks, 1794–1805 Thomas Gawne, 1805–1812 Ewan Gill, 1812–1821 Thomas Arthur Corlett, 1821–1828 John Caesar Gelling, 1828–1832 Frederick Tellett, 1832–1873 Sir Alured Dumbell, 1873–1880 John Corlet LaMothe, 1880–1898 James Murray Cruikshank, 1898–1911 High Bailiffs of Douglas and Castletown James Stowell Gell, 1911–1918 Reginald Douglas Farrant, 1919–1925 William Lay, 1925–1933 High Bailiffs of Ramsey and Peel James Murray Cruikshank, 1911–1916 F.

127 words made from the letters callinga

5 letter words made from callinga:

cilan, cling, lanci, algin, igala, ilala, cagni, clain, lagna, laing, glina, cagna, naill, linac, lagan, calla, ilaga, ganic, cilag, align, algic, canai, canal, langi, nagai, ligan, galli, lliga, alagi, gilla, giaan, liana, calan, alang, clang, lalin, glial, illan, again, inala, llana, ganci, agila, lalic, algia, ngala, lacan, calia, acing, aling, lilac, cania, langa, galca, galan, lanai, gilan, allai, nilla, cagan, ainga, algal, inall, nagla, caiga, ilang.

3 letter words made from callinga:

cia, can, aga, nag, ain, iaa, nig, ana, gin, gal, lag, lan, cli, nil, ali, ala, iga, lac, ani, all, ill, lin, gca, ail.

4 letter words made from callinga:

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