Correct spelling for CANITONI

We think the word canitoni is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for canitoni

  • antony Everything that happened throughout this fatal month tended to my ruin, for Madame Memmo, mother of Andre, Bernard, and Laurent Memmo, had taken it into her head that I had inclined her sons to atheistic opinions, and took counsel with the old knight Antony Mocenigo, M. de Bragadin's uncle, who was angry with me, because, as he said, I had conspired to seduce his nephew.
  • canine So was the puppy, which was even more serious, for I was handicapped by not knowing his name, and no self-respecting canine thing would respond to shouts of "dog," or "here, pup, pup, pup!"
  • caning The bad rails had suffered so much from my constant caning that they must have longed to give up the ghost had they been alive.
  • cannon He finds instead a country house, meals long and large, no sounds of cannon, not even an aeroplane.
  • canon "And you're one of our novelists, I hear," said Canon Lasher in exactly the tone that he would have used had Seymour taken to tight-rope walking at the Halls.
  • canteen The pannikin was wrenched from his hand, and the canteen-what of the canteen?
  • canto Her singing was the bel canto.
  • canton So we came back to the Canton hospital, where we had luncheon.
  • cantonal Delegates sent by the cantons to the Diet were commissioned only ad audiendum et referendum; that is to say, they were authorized, not to agree finally to proposals, but simply to hear them and to refer them to the cantonal governments for ultimate decision.
  • cantor Kuhnau asserted his prerogative as Cantor.
  • canyon But on opening the door all the multitudinous wild noises of the forests reached his ears: Sounds of whispering and rocking storm-tossed pines, sounds of the wind making the rounds of the deep canyon below them, sounds that would have made the blood run cold of a man more daring, even, than himself.
  • carton After Darnay had gone, Carton drank and slept till ten o'clock, and then walked to the chambers of Mr. Stryver.
  • clinton In fact, by the evening of the second day of the visit it was obvious that Clinton St. Mary Vicarage might, very possibly, witness a disturbed Christmas.
  • contain Hearn's books on Japan are after all works of travel, but they contain poetry or the literature of ecstasy because Hearn was a poet.
  • danton With parted lips and pulse athrob he followed the wooing of that imaginary John Danton, in whom he could see no one but himself.
  • janitor They were throwing rocks and stepping on the new walk-" "And you were helping the janitor keep them out?"
  • wanton I must have my revenge upon the light wanton."
  • Canting Isn't there a rule to go by in your Bible, or your Missal, or any of your canting theology books, that you must come to me to tell you what to do?
  • Cantos The year, in our pious house, was an endless song in many cantos of joy, lamentation, aspiration, and rhapsody.
  • Caxton Of all that can be learnt about Caxton the late Mr. William Blades set down in his monumental work nine-tenths, and the zeal of Henry Bradshaw, of Mr. Gordon Duff, and of Mr. E. J. L. Scott, has added nearly all that was lacking in this storehouse.
  • Anton Anton frowned in his turn.
  • Antonio "Now, you will go with Mr. Curran to police headquarters on the next floor," said he, "and tell them what you have told me about this Antonio Spatola."
  • Kenton Indeed, Long-Hair had personal knowledge of what might certainly be expected from both Kenton and Oncle Jazon; they were terrible when out for fight; the red warriors from Georgia to the great lakes had heard of them; their names smacked of tragedy.
  • Quinton There was some difficulty in finding the village constable, and Sir Valentine Quinton was dining out and did not arrive for at least an hour.
  • Antonia Antonia was clad in a tea-gown-Aurora thought it was a wrapper.
  • Antone Antone was giving his replies as guardedly as Galloway had done.
  • cantons I started from the hotel of the "Treize Cantons" with four post-horses, Le Duc and Costa sitting on the coachman's seat.

190 words made from the letters canitoni

3 letter words made from canitoni:

nan, not, ain, tai, cio, cia, inn, nit, cat, oca, ant, act, ion, oat, tao, tin, con, tan, oct, otc, tic, ani, cot, ton, tia, can.

5 letter words made from canitoni:

cotan, canon, intan, ninoa, caton, cioni, ntini, cinta, inion, inano, octan, ician, caito, nanto, cinoa, ianto, ocain, coati, iacon, natin, actin, atoni, canot, ionic, anion, ticao, tanco, natio, tanii, conti, tanni, niani, caion, noica, naito, naini, anini, canno, ciani, tonna, niota, cinna, nicon, tinio, notin, nicin, nicot, tiano, tanno, cotai, ionia, anino, canto, toica, innit, cinto, actio, nonia, ninti, tonci, tocai, ontic, conta, otani, ciona, tinca, tanon, ianni, nitai, ation, ciano, antic, tonin, otaci, canio, aiton, tonic, niton.

7 letter words made from canitoni:

anionic, niantic, noticia, ination, actinon, anticon, tannici, contain, cannito, incanto, cantoni, cantini, contini.

6 letter words made from canitoni:

atonic, anoint, nicati, tonian, niacin, ionian, canton, incant, cation, itonia, nactin, anitin, tinian, tonini, canino, canoni, ticino, antico, catino, oniani, cantin, aition, tainio, ticona, tanino, canion, conita, nacion, nation, tannic, conant, inatin, niotic, citian, nition, ionita, action, canini.

4 letter words made from canitoni:

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