Correct spelling for CARMEAS

We think the word carmeas is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for carmeas

  • Comas
  • He kept referring to the writing on the paper and vouchsafed information that the writing was made up of notes of a long-distance conversation between the woods and the new york offices of the comas company.

  • Camus
  • She followed us in the snow to the ruins of camus, pouring out her curses upon athole and the men who had made her home desolate and her widowhood worse than the grave, and calling on us a thousand blessings.

  • Ex-Cruciate
  • Carves
  • Thou canst not wave thy staff in air, or dip thy paddle in the lake, but it carves the bow of beauty there, and the ripples in rhymes the oar forsake.

  • Camels
  • "perhaps these camels were bred here, and are looking for their stables.

  • Comes
  • Here comes miss russell.

  • Corms
  • As the corms of these gladioli are small, several may be placed in a 32-sized pot. no great amount of heat is wanted for these flowers, a temperature of about 55 deg. being quite sufficient for them.

  • Gammas
  • James
  • Ex-Foliating
  • Cares
  • "who cares if they do?

  • Games
  • Cameos
  • It was a good sign, he thought, that in one room he found a cabinet containing no less than fifty antique cameos; for, if the pressure of pecuniary difficulty had really begun to be severe, the squire would surely have parted with what must have been in his view useless lumber, and was so easily convertible into cash.

  • Charmers
  • What a long while it takes you to send a message to your charmers!

  • Comers
  • In moments of real feeling the old words hold their own against all modern new-comers.

  • Cameras
  • I thought to myself it was a sort of "foolishness" which i could well endure, but before i could put this idea into words we were deep in a discussion of ways and means, what clothes to wear, whether cameras would be permitted, what to do about food.

  • Commas
  • And commas used for a similar purpose belong to the same family as notes at the foot of the page and parenthesis in the middle of the text; nay, all three differ only in degree.

  • Cams
  • The big machine of modern industry must indeed have many odd cams and levers adjusted to it.

  • Carmen
  • "for one thing, he never comes to covent garden unless one opera, with carmen valeri in the chief part, is being played, as you heard the other night at supper.

  • Caries
  • Where there is complete oxidation, the tooth is blackened to but a very slight depth, and the oxid fills the ends of the tubuli, thus affording an additional barrier to the entrance of caries.

  • Caress
  • The two smaller ones ran over the ground-now separating from the upright figure and then returning again, and appearing to caress it as before.

    Your unborn love and fetal dress My bitter candy-fated caress

    – OLD AGE 2 by hole
  • Carmela
  • At the foot of the rocks of evolo, in a cool arbor, searched through by sun, and moonbeams, at the casina, where nino and carmela were to make their home, don cesare had set up the image-mended, and decently restored by his own hand.

140 words made from the letters carmeas

5 letter words made from carmeas:

cream, arcae, sacer, macar, asmar, acres, ascra, ceras, racas, semra, asare, maare, carme, aamer, armas, mesra, maces, emaar, maser, masae, camas, sacra, mcrea, macer, areca, recam, saare, arame, scram, rasam, marae, mersa, scare, maera, smear, crame, casma, sarac, emara, scrae, seram, amare, marse, cares, macra, aeras, masar, mcrae, merca.

3 letter words made from carmeas:

cer, are, era, mar, mrs, sec, ram, aec, ecm, ara, car, sea, mes, rem, mac, ras, ace, sam, sac, esr, arc, esm, msc, cam, aar, arm, ear, aas, res.

4 letter words made from carmeas:

6 letter words made from carmeas:

crames, casera, amares, scamer, arecas, mareca, scarem, camera, maraes, macera, mesara, resaca, maaser, scream, asmera, arsace, marsac, masera, casema, caesar, maseca, sacrae, macers, arames.

7 letter words made from carmeas:

masacre, maresca, macraes.