Correct spelling for CATWHEEL

We think the word catwheel is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for catwheel

  • cartwheel The lad had intended to land on his hands, do a cartwheel and come up easily on his feet.
  • cogwheel No surface can be made perfectly smooth, and when a barrel rolls over an incline, or a rope passes over a pulley, or a cogwheel turns its neighbor, there is rubbing and slipping and sliding.
  • waterwheel Such is the case with the Kehrrad, a bucket windlass driven by a reversible waterwheel which Agricola describes as his largest hauling machine.
  • cartwheels Had I allowed myself adequate expression of my delight, I should have startled the good mother by turning a somersault or a series of cartwheels!

169 words made from the letters catwheel

3 letter words made from catwheel:

ate, ale, law, wee, lat, haw, eat, hat, eec, het, lac, aec, tlc, wet, awl, caw, tee, alt, ect, let, cwt, act, taw, thc, tea, cat, etc, hew, lah, tec, eta, ewe, lea, eel, lee, hel, ace, awe.

4 letter words made from catwheel:

hale, calw, cahl, chat, clew, late, heat, welt, whae, heal, leht, tale, heel, eech, hawe, tech, twae, twal, halt, wehe, ewhc, ache, lace, htwe, weah, catw, acth, hate, celt, hewa, htel, echt, lewa, thea, hael, atle, chew, cawl, taee, ewha, aleh, each, helt, thaw, hela, etwa, wale, wath, talc, htaw, hwee, twee, teal, chaw, etah, wahl, tawe, lewe, acht, elea, etch, lath, tael, whet, wael, weal, claw, wehl, tcha, alee, tehl, tach.

5 letter words made from catwheel:

elche, chale, leach, theca, wacht, cheta, lethe, hewat, elect, elahe, cheat, hecla, wehle, latch, ealth, cawte, wecht, athel, weech, actel, hactl, welth, alete, letea, chawl, thele, wheal, wheat, eclat, wahle, chael, teche, thale, chela, weale, leath, teach, etche, leech, chewa, telae, taleh, eetch, watch, eathe, elwha, cleah, elate, walch, wheel, lathe, tawee, cleat, aleth, waele, aweel, heale, whale, lacet.

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