Correct spelling for CAUSSING

We think the word caussing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for caussing

  • caressing "Madge," said Madelon, caressing the little square perplexed face, "you won't mind having a short walk to-day, will you?
  • casein This is particularly true of emulsified fats and oils, such as butter and oleomargarine, both of which contain, besides water, the solids naturally present in milk or cream and including casein, milk sugar, and salts.
  • casing He bore it all good-humoredly, and when he started for New York he had with him a tiny casing, from which peeped the merry face of Florence, looking as if just meditating some fresh mischief.
  • casino In future, when you go to the casino of Muran, please to enquire whether there is anybody there, and if you receive an affirmative answer, go away.
  • casting He changed the waters of Jericho, so that they were no longer poisonous, by casting salt in the spring.
  • causing No ice actually forms round the coast line, but the sea ice drifts from Greenland, 100 miles distant, causing the north of the Island to be impassable, except during two or three months in the year.
  • coursing Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire, as well as Gloucestershire folk repaired to the wolds for hunting, coursing, hawking, and other amusements; and in olden times, even more than to-day, Cotswold was, as Burton described it, "a type of what is most commodious for hawking, hunting, wood, waters, and all manner of pleasures."
  • cousin Surely Miss Henderson could not have suspected my little cousin!
  • cursing We are alone with our sin, like the Ancient Mariner with the bodies of his messmates around him, each cursing him with his eye.
  • gassing I thought she'd do; she seemed a gossipy woman, kept on knitting and gassing over a stove in the hall.
  • guessing G. won by guessing "Annie Laurie."
  • Caucusing This seemed a favorable moment for dispersion; and, indeed, the latter movement must have had partial reference thereto, for instantly the crowd developed as many moral agents as it had possessed caucusing elements, who, adopting their several courses, looked neither to the right nor left, but pushed for the interior with all commendable speed.
  • Classing In this we have much to do, in further fortifying our seaport towns, providing military stores, classing and disciplining our militia, arranging our financial, system, and above all, pushing our domestic manufactures, which have taken such root as never again can be shaken.
  • cussing Wedged in the doorway, each thought the other holding him. Fighting, cussing, scratching, they were pulled into the big tap room filled with guests.
  • schussing

200 words made from the letters caussing

5 letter words made from caussing:

gunas, gasic, usain, sasun, aunis, insas, sagun, canis, ginsu, saung, suina, ganus, nisga, incas, cangs, saics, ascus, signs, cuing, sinag, guans, snugs, acing, gansu, aigun, nassi, scugs, snags, agins, isang, snigs, sigan, incus, sucia, asing, ganic, gcais, gusin, saing, sugan, sains, issan, causi, agius, sunga, nisas, gauci, scags, sinas, asuni, sians, sinus, ginas, assin, cagni, siuan, sangs, nauss, gauss, scans, nisus, gunia, guias, sangi, ssang, iancu, sings, sunia, ganci, ganis, angus, unagi, cissa, using, gaius, singu, nucis, usian, sugai, sansi, nscsa, siang, suica.

6 letter words made from caussing:

gansus, sancus, casing, assing, suniga, suings, causis, usings, sansui, cassin, assign, cussin, sungas, anguis, susian, saguin, sugans, asinus, suisan, guacin, sangui, sanusi, sungai, usinas, angius, susica, signac, acinus.

4 letter words made from caussing:

cung, caiu, cuan, ugas, scsi, sing, gain, agni, saun, sign, guan, siau, gusa, sang, gius, ings, cing, inus, snug, suan, ugni, inca, sags, asin, nagi, cuss, sugi, snag, sins, gaun, scag, sian, scan, ainu, ganu, scun, gnus, cain, inga, anus, nags, ngau, nsui, cans, suin, gnau, sung, guia, cgnu, nicu.

3 letter words made from caussing:

nsc, gui, can, uca, usa, sic, uni, sac, gun, iga, cgs, ain, nsu, ngu, ass, nag, cis, gas, ani, anu, sin, gin, sag, cns, uns, sun, cia, gca, gnu, nig, sis, ans, icu, sus, aug.

7 letter words made from caussing:

scusing, cussing, causing, saguins.

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