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How to spell CAZED correctly?

One possible correct spelling for "cazed" could be "cased", which means to examine or analyze. Another spelling could be "caused", which means to be the reason for something happening. It is important to double-check spelling when writing to ensure that the correct word is used.

List of suggestions on how to spell cazed correctly

  • ACED I aced my math exam yesterday!
  • axed It was surprising when he axed the branch right in front of me.
  • cad He may look charming, but he's a complete cad.
  • Caged My free spirit is caged in this small town.
  • Caked After cleaning up the kitchen, Rachel caked on the makeup to cover her tired eyes.
  • Caned
  • CAPED Wow, she's got a really scary-looking caped figure!
  • card
  • Cared
  • case
  • cased The detectives cased the area to gather evidence.
  • Caused After she tripped and caused the broken jar, she refused to clean it up.
  • Caved When the pressure became too much to handle, he caved and revealed his secret.
  • Cawed I heard a weird noise in the night and it sounded like someone Cawed!
  • Coaxed
  • COED The college dormitory was COED, with both male and female students living under the same roof.
  • crazed The crazed man was running down the street while screaming at the top of his lungs.
  • CUED She cued the music to start playing.
  • dazed After getting hit on the head, he was dazed and confused for a few minutes.
  • fazed Cameron was intimidated by the prospect of meeting the president, but she quickly recovered and tried not to show her fazed by
  • gaze
  • Gazed
  • glazed The baker applied a sugary glazed on top of the freshly baked donuts.
  • grazed
  • Hazed During his freshman year, he was hazed by the older members of his fraternity.
  • jazzed She was jazzed after her victory in the match.
  • Lazed I was lazed around on the couch all day watching TV.
  • razed The entire village was razed by the invading army, leaving no buildings and barely any survivors.
  • zed In some countries, people refer to the last letter of the alphabet as "zed" instead of "zee.

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