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How to spell CEESES correctly?

The correct spelling for "ceeses" should be "cheeses". Other possible correct suggestions include "cheese", "cheesy" or "cheesecake". Remember to proofread your work and use spellcheck to avoid misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell ceeses correctly

  • cases There have been several reported cases of COVID-19 in the neighboring town.
  • causes
  • cease The rain did not cease until midnight.
  • Ceased The horse ceased neighing.
  • ceases If the rain ceases, we can continue our hike.
  • cedes
  • censer During religious ceremonies, the priest will often use a censer filled with incense to produce a fragrant smoke.
  • censers Diana's censers filled the room with the smell of cinnamon.
  • census The government conducts a census every ten years to gather data about the population.
  • ceres The chief goddess of Roman religion, Ceres was considered the mother of wheat and of grapevines.
  • chases The dog chases after the ball.
  • Cheeses I love to sample different types of cheeses from around the world.
  • curses
  • cusses He never cusses and always tries to maintain a polite and respectful demeanor.
  • eases He eases into the hot bath after a long day at work.
  • leases The landlord requires tenants to sign one-year leases for their apartments.
  • messes I've made so many messes!
  • reuses The company reuses old materials to create new, sustainable products.
  • senses All of my five senses are working fine.
  • teases
  • Theses Some people believe that theses are only for professors.
  • verses She studied both the Old and New Testaments, committing hundreds of Bible verses to memory.
  • yeses The coach counted the team's yeses, which were the enthusiastic affirmations to the new plays they had just learned.

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