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How to spell CERUTE correctly?

If you meant to type "cerute" but it is incorrect, there are a few possible correct suggestions. It is most likely that you meant "cigarette", a commonly misspelled word. Other possible alternatives could be "cerulean" (a shade of blue) or "curate" (to organize or select items). Double-check for accuracy next time!

List of suggestions on how to spell cerute correctly

  • aerate I like to aerate the soil in my garden before planting new crops.
  • berate He always seemed to berate his children for no apparent reason.
  • brute The brute force of the wind knocked down trees and power lines.
  • Canute King Canute was known for his attempt to command the tides to stop.
  • cenote The cenote was a popular spot for tourists to swim and explore the underwater caves.
  • cerise The cerise dress she was wearing matched perfectly with her cherry red lipstick.
  • Cerite
  • cert I need to obtain a cert before I can start working as a certified public accountant.
  • certs Can I have one of your certs?
  • CETE The cetacean mammal family includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
  • Ceuta Ceuta is one of the two autonomous cities in Spain, located in North Africa.
  • chute The skydiver pulled the cord and the parachute opened, slowing his descent into the chute.
  • crate I need to buy a crate to transport my pottery.
  • Crete
  • crude "Oil prices are beginning to rise, but the market remains volatile due to the uncertain future of crude oil consumption."
  • cruse The cruse of oil was nearly empty and they needed to find more before the lamp went out.
  • curate It takes a lot of effort to curate the perfect playlist for a party.
  • cute The kitten is so cute, I can't resist cuddling with her.
  • depute The manager decided to depute the task to his subordinate.
  • derate The power supplier had to derate the electrical output due to the unusually high temperature.
  • elute During the chromatography process, the target compound will elute from the column as separate fractions.
  • ferule The teacher used a ferule to discipline the student.
  • permute To solve the puzzle, you need to permute the letters until you find the right combination.
  • peruke The actor wore a peruke wig to better portray the character he was playing.
  • peruse I decided to peruse the bookshelf carefully before selecting a novel to borrow.
  • refute The scientist tried to refute the theory presented in the research paper with his own findings.
  • repute Her excellent work ethic has given her a good repute in the company.
  • reroute Due to a road closure, we had to reroute our trip.

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