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How to spell CHICE correctly?

If you're wondering how to fix the misspelling "chice", here are some correct suggestions. Firstly, it could be "choice", meaning having options to choose from. Alternatively, it might be "chic", referring to a stylish and fashionable appearance. Always double-check your spelling to ensure clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell chice correctly

  • chaise She was lounging comfortably on a velvet chaise in the living room.
  • chalice The priest held the chalice during the communion ceremony.
  • chance I hope to have a chance to visit New York City someday.
  • chase The dog loves to chase squirrels in the park.
  • Che " Che Guevara is a famous revolutionary.
  • chi The ancient Chinese believed that the flow of chi, or vital energy, could be blocked or enhanced by the arrangement of furniture in a room.
  • chic Her black dress and pearl earrings gave her a chic and sophisticated look.
  • chick I saw a cute little chick hatch from its egg yesterday.
  • chicks The farmer was surprised to find a handful of fluffy and adorable chicks in the coop.
  • chicle She chalks her chin with a piece of chicle.
  • chide The teacher will chide you for being late again.
  • chides My mother always chides me for leaving my room messy.
  • chief The chief was very disappointed.
  • chile Every year, my family and I enjoy eating spicy chile for dinner.
  • chime The chime on my stove is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  • chimes The sweet sound of chimes filled the air as the breeze gently stirred them back and forth.
  • chine The chine of the fish makes for a perfect cut.
  • chines
  • CHIS
  • chisel She used the chisel to carve the statue.
  • chive
  • chives I love to sprinkle chives over my baked potatoes.
  • choice
  • choicer She opted for a choicer dish.
  • choices If you want to be healthy, then make choices that are good for you.
  • Chose
  • circe Circe was a sorceress in Greek mythology who could turn men into animals with her magic potion.
  • ice I love to have ice in my lemonade on hot summer days.

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