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How to spell CHINGING correctly?

If you've been misspelling "chinging", fear not! The correct suggestions could be "ching", "chinging" or even "ching-ing". These options maintain the original sound and meaning, ensuring your intended word is spelled accurately. Remember to double-check to avoid any confusion and stay confident in your writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell chinging correctly

  • Chaining The chaining of the prisoners prevented any escape attempts.
  • Chancing He was chancing his luck by not studying for the exam, hoping he would still pass.
  • changing The weather is rapidly changing.
  • chanting The group of monks were chanting in unison.
  • chiding She was chiding her younger brother for not finishing his homework.
  • Chiming The clock on the wall was chiming loudly, signaling that it was already noon.
  • Chinking He heard the chinking of the coins in the piggy bank.
  • Clinging The kitten was clinging to its mother's fur as she walked through the grass.
  • Coining The process of coining a new term can lead to greater understanding and clarity in communication.
  • cringing I was cringing when he told that offensive joke.
  • Dinging I heard the loud dinging sound coming from the kitchen, it must be the timer going off.
  • Hinging The success of her plan was hinging on her ability to convince her boss to provide additional funding.
  • Pinging I'm pinging my friend to see if he's available for a chat.
  • ringing The ringing of the church bell echoed through the small town.
  • shingling My dad spent the weekend shingling the roof of our house.
  • shining The sun was shining brightly upon the lake.
  • Shinning
  • singing
  • tinging
  • whining The child was whining about not getting his favorite toy.
  • Winging She was winging her way home to surprise her family.
  • zinging The sound of the zinging football flying past me alerted me that I was a mere second away from being hit.

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