Correct spelling for CHOLARSHIP

We think the word cholarship is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cholarship

  • airship Another airship had appeared in the distant skies and it now approached with marvelous rapidity.
  • authorship Was I not the one man in Pesaro who already knew his true nature, as revealed by that matter of the verses which I had written, and of which he had assumed the authorship?
  • bolshie Beginning on March 31, 1919, a force of British, American, Polish, and White Russian troops engaged several Red Army partisan regiments at the village of Bolshie Ozerki.
  • childish How childish one had been at four, and five, and six!
  • choler "Why, you have valsed twice with my second lieutenant," he remarked, his choler rising.
  • cholera While we were trying to find the burial-place of Napoleon's doctor, and some martyrs and cholera victims Mrs. James was interested in, Mrs. West and Basil appeared, and then the Americans.
  • choleric Here, then, was substantial choleric phraseology, as good plain speaking as her Majesty had just been employing, and with quite as sufficient cause.
  • churlish In that condition, what should we think of Sweden, Denmark, or Holland, or whatever power afforded us a churlish and treacherous hospitality, if they should invite us to join the standard of our king, our laws, and our religion,-if they should give us a direct promise of protection,-if, after all this, taking advantage of our deplorable situation, which left us no choice, they were to treat us as the lowest and vilest of all mercenaries,-if they were to send us far from the aid of our king and our suffering country, to squander us away in the most pestilential climates for a venal enlargement of their own territories, for the purpose of trucking them, when obtained, with those very robbers and murderers they had called upon us to oppose with our blood?
  • chuvash Abashevo is a selo in Cheboksarsky District, Chuvash Republic, Russia.
  • clash Nor a sound except the clash of steel."
  • clashing Up the road there was a rattling and a clanking as though a thousand scythes were clashing together: an old cart with loose plank sides came slowly jolting along, drawn by the two most miserable moorland horses he had ever seen.
  • clasp She was holding Lady Washington, and for a second her clasp was less firm, and that was enough.
  • clerkship Once, when his grandmother at great difficulty had procured for him a clerkship, he confiscated the nickel-plated faucets out of the wash room, barely escaping prosecution.
  • courtship It must be borne in mind that before the white man came the Natives, like the peasants in many European countries not long ago, conducted their courtship and love-making with a show of violence which seemed to them right and proper.
  • dealership The Century shares the role of flagship with the Toyota Crown Majesta with almost identical dimensions to the Century but with a more modern approach and appearance that appeals to younger buyers, and both vehicles are exclusive to the Toyota Store dealership network in Japan.
  • fellowship Thou art in a world that has no fellowship with this,-a world from which even happiness is not banished!
  • flagship The Customs House officials, accompanied by the Port Health Officer, proceeded to the flagship.
  • hardship Mount up, if thou wilt, but only on condition that thou wilt not think it a hardship to come down when the rules of my game require it.
  • headship Nothing is said of the headship of man, but he is commanded to make her the head of the household, the home, a rule followed for centuries under the Matriarchate.
  • ladyship "Oh, certainly," replied her ladyship.
  • lordship His lordship thought of it.
  • scholarship She offered to give me the services of her coach, Miss Renshaw, to work up for the Ayldice Scholarship.
  • showmanship He was well known for his showmanship as a bartender: he developed elaborate and flashy techniques of mixing cocktails, sometimes while juggling bottles, cups and mixers.
  • warship Winston had ordered a desperate gamble; a possible ordnance duel with a warship twice the burden of the Defiance.
  • worship I shall no longer worship the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars.
  • Charlie Charlie had not answered his letter.

600 words made from the letters cholarship

5 letter words made from cholarship:

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4 letter words made from cholarship:

ihar, hahl, siah, ahsh, cola, asio, rhos, crop, scar, olha, hohl, char, soha, ipco, sail, choi, hoar, haor, liar, shah, prah, losi, orca, alps, hors, rasp, rial, carp, rohp, sial, ilah, coal, harp, lira, haro, ochs, hoch, phir, corp, pisa, clop, alho, cpio, phor, phai, lash, sihl, halo, coil, chao, clip, ohai, prch, lisp, alhh, poha, slop, saor, pail, rahl, liro, ship, caps, hail, rash, halh, soil, lops, raph, hora, spic, pica, riho, rlpa, chop, risc, laic, plai, alih, raoh, coir, hops, capo, apis, rico, silo, pcha, pair, ipho, porc, shop, lapi, rahi, hoai, salh, opal, shor, chsh, chip, riha, slap, clio, pals, slah, arch, salo, loch, ocal, rich, phao, aohr, rail, cars, ilpo, roha, lari, lahr, hilo, icsh, rhoa, hohp, pros, raps, iora, rohl, spar, shia, hopi, cali, cosh, ipoh, soap, loph, posh, chap, roil, shih, olai, slip, sahi, hash, salp, hosh, pari, olah, piha, raio, holi, ohra, cora, aril, also, osha, siha, ciao, rola, shio, solh, loir, aoli, siar, paio, laos, porl, liao, airs, rcsl, ical, ilha, cahl, opah, crap, hasp, icao, cash, rosa, hach, plah, clap, lair, sari, rips, hair, oral, olic, soar, asch.

3 letter words made from cholarship:

hap, car, col, ras, apc, oas, lac, pas, cis, spa, irs, ali, als, apr, pro, prc, ops, oar, oil, lir, lao, air, rip, sol, sha, lah, soh, cli, ail, rio, cop, crp, sop, sap, cos, cap, chi, cpr, ola, iso, sic, poi, cpi, sir, asl, ilo, ipo, pic, oca, poa, cps, roc, pia, asp, pal, alp, phi, arp, psa, sip, cro, lap, par, hip, ash, cia, pol, psi, arc, hop, pac, cio, rap, lop, sac, hao, cpa, rho, lip, ira.

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