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How to spell CHRUN correctly?

The misspelling "chrun" could possibly be corrected to "churn", which means to agitate milk or cream in order to make butter. It could also be corrected to "crunch", which means to make a crunching sound or to crush something with a loud, crackling noise.

List of suggestions on how to spell chrun correctly

  • chain The bike was secured with a heavy chain to prevent theft.
  • Chan I chatted with Chan earlier this week.
  • charon Charon is the mythological ferryman who transported souls across the river Styx in Greek mythology.
  • Chen Tanaka was always a bit of a Chen to me.
  • cherub
  • chin He rests his chin on his hand while he thinks about the problem.
  • chorus The chorus sang their hearts out during the performance.
  • Chris Chris loved to fish.
  • churn
  • rerun She'd rather rerun the movie than talk about her problems.
  • run I need to run to the store real quick.
  • Shaun Shaun is a trustworthy friend who always keeps his promises.
  • shrub The shrub is a vigorous grower with fragrant, pale green leaves.
  • shrug He gave a shrug to show that he didn't care.
  • shrunk The shirt had shrunk in the dryer and no longer fit properly.
  • shun Don't shun them; they may be your closest friends.

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